Manmohini 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mann in his detestable structure with wickedness tooth and red eyes attempts to suck live reptile remaining on railing. Siya sees him and worriedly lifts him up and asks what’s going on with he. He says he was attempting to fly. She takes him to a room and attempts to make him rest. He says his mom used to embrace him firmly and make him rest, he is feeling the loss of his mom. Siya sings children’s song and once she sees him sleeping leaves room. Mann wake up again and demonstrates his insidious structure.

Doctor calls Dayimaa. Dayimaa says if Ram and kid’s DNA tests didn’t coordinate, regardless of whether they coordinate, he should transform them as it is an issue of regal family’s security. Doctor says there is a whole other world to kid’s example and even she will be astounded to see that, so she should arrive at medical clinic soon. Dayimaa strolls towards gallery thinking something is certainly amiss with the kid and sees Mann hitting his head to table and crying. Siya reassures him. Dayimaa strolls down and says she is going to medical clinic to check DNA tests. Siya says she needs to see DNA report negative, regardless of whether it does, it isn’t Mann’s misstep and she will keep him with her. At emergency clinic, Doctor sees Mann’s blood bubbling in test cylinder and thinks a typical kid’s blood can’t be so perilous and picks test tube in his grasp, yells in agony, tumbles down and bites the dust. Dayimaa arrives at his lab and doesn’t discover him there, discloses to Bindu that she told as of now that this kid is dangerous.

Smash over telephone advises his supervisor to deal with manufacturing plant while he is away for 3-4 days. Mannn goes into his room, and he asks what is he doing here. Mann says he is playing find the stowaway with rasgulla. Rana cautions to carry on with older folks. Mann says when Siya looks like Rasgulla, what’s up in calling her rasgulla; everybody says he is Ram’s child, so he is khajoor like him. Smash thinks back Siya calling him Khajoor and cautions him to escape his room and never return again. Mann with fiendishness red eyes strolls towards him when Siya enters and he goes about as crying and gripes that Ram pushed him. Siya reproves Ram to carry on with child and Ram leaves. Mann waves at entryway seeing a shadow.

Precap: Poojari’s pupil indicates him haveli and says kid is in this haveli. Poojari sees Mann remaining in overhang and says here abhorrence tyke is standing, says he needs to arrive at emergency clinic first and take insidiousness’ blood.


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