Manmohini 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Siya awakens speedily toward the beginning of the day thinking about her daily practice and dealing with Mann. Smash strolls to her and wishes hello. Their sentimental nok jhok begins. Dayimaa strolls in and Sia apprehensively attempts to leave. Dayimaa asks where is she going. Siya says to deal with Mann. Dayimaa says Ram has consented to acknowledge Mann. Siya gets upbeat. Smash gestures yes. Dayimaa says Ram is sending Mann to all inclusive school. Slam asks Dayimaa to make game plans to send Mann as individuals would come pick him. Dayimaa leaves. Slam inquires as to whether he did well. Siya yells how might he send a little child away to remain alone.

Poojari with his devotee arrives at medical clinic and looks for Dr. Shekhawat. Peon says specialist isn’t seeing since the previous evening after he did Ram and a kid’s DNA test and it came positive. Poojari

look through lab and reaches there.

Dayimaa prepares Mann and hauls him to hand him over to all inclusive school work force, however Mann stands up to. Siya strolls and embraces him and cautions Dayimaa to avoid Mann. Slam approaches if sheis sending Dayimaa away for a more abnormal kid, he can’t endure Mann in this house and he needs to go. Siya with her standard exaggerating yells she Siya Singh Sisodia is tolerating Mann as her encourage child and will bring him up. She takes Mann to his room and inquires as to whether he is fine. He goes about as apprehensive. Dayimaa strolls in and says she will deal with Mann as she is temporary mother of Sisodia family. Mann opposes and tumbles down. Siya yells at Dayimaa again and requests that her avoid Mann.

Dayimaa strolls to Ram and says if Siya proceeds with like this, by what means will they get Sosodia family’s hair. Slam says he will address her. He strolls to Siya and says he can’t give anybody a chance to separate them, not by any means Mann. Jhumri and Maya says they will deal with Mann and Dayimaa requests that her go out and appreciate with Ram. Smash says let us go out on the town and no one should divide them.

Poojari drones mantras on gangajal and sprinkles it in lab to discover Mann’s blood. They see bubbling blood in test tube. Devotee attempts to pick it, however Poojari stops him saying in the event that he contacts with exposed hands, he will consume. He picks test tube with sacred material and figures by what method can Ram be this underhanded kid’s dad. Pupil says perhaps Ram is likewise insidious. Poojari says Ram is god cordial and he will discover mystery behind this insidious kid.

Precap: Mann rests among Ram and Siya and at 12 PM awakens and addresses shadow saying he was feeling the loss of her.


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