Manmohini New Promo 'Is Makdi Ke Saamne Mat Nachana Rana'. Is Cracking Up The Internet With Funny Memes Watch Video
TV Show Manmohini: Photo Photo

When Zee TV, once again, decided to step in the supernatural world through the show Manmohini again, they would have watched the TRP on the lines of the serial like Naagin 3, Nazar and Qayamat Raat. (TRP). But the show Manomohini could not show the miracle in the TRP. But Makers are making every possible effort to make it successful. In such a way, now the show’s makers shared a promo. In the movie Sholay’s theme, the lead actress Ankit, who is seen playing dance against Ram, the spider turned Sonia. Whereas Rama’s Mohini is bound like Sholay Veeru.

During this, Mohini asks Ram to dance in front of a spider. But like Ram Sholay’s Basanti, Baba dances in front of Sonia Gandhi. But now, the Mohini dialogue is very funny to the users. Since then, everyone is sharing some kind of funny memes on this promo.

Speaking of the show, it is the story of a soul who has been wandering in the desert of Rajasthan for 500 years to get his love. After waiting for many years, when Manmohini’s love comes in front of her, she makes every effort to get her love. This soul is able to achieve true love of its own years. That is the story of ‘Manmohini’.

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Rehana Pandit, Akinta are the only main characters in Man Mohini’s serial. While Rehana will be seen as a wandering soul in this serial, at the same time, Ankit is going to be seen playing her character as ‘Rama’ and Garima Rathore is in the role of Riya’s wife Siya.


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