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A new sequel to the special effects drama “Masked Rider Build” spin-off “Build NEW WORLD Masked Rider Grease” revealed that this theaters will be screened for a limited time this autumn. Takeda Kohei plays Saruwatari Ikoma / Masked Rider Grease becomes the main character and a story.

The work is the second part of the “Build NEW WORLD” spin-off work continuing on the “Masked Rider Build” TV series that had the final story last August 26. As the first step, the main character ” Build NEW WORLD Masked Rider Close ” is published in the main character, Mr. Akafuji Fujita Manji Ryūjo / Masked Rider Close .

This work “Build NEW WORLD Masked Rider Grease” is the second “Build NEW WORLD”, it is positioned as the final chapter of the “Masked Rider Build” series. The story develops in the “New World” that Kiryu Battle Rabbit / Masked Rider Build ( Inukai Takashiro ) produced by TV series final story . Shogo Muto continues to write scripts from the TV series, and Shojiro Nakazawa is responsible for the director .

Promotion will be screened for a limited time at the movie theater as well as the first one. Blu – ray & DVD will be released on November 27, and the version which included the transformation item “DX Gris Perfect Kingdom” that appears in the work will also be released at the same time. (Editorial department · Misaki Oyama)

V Sinext “Build NEW WORLD Masked Rider Grease” is released on November 27 【Normal Edition】 DVD 4,500 yen + Tax Blue Ray 5,500 yen + Tax 【DX Gris Perfect Kingdom Edition (First Press Limited Edition)】 DVD 10,000 yen + Tax Blue Ray 11,000 yen + tax


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