Meat body beauty of Yokohama meteor
This is fleshy body – (C) TBS

Kyoko Fukada ‘s starring drama “Tales to read on the day when I first fell in love” (TBS system, every 10 o’clock on Tuesday) will have episode 5 on the 12th. In the same story, Yokohama meteor who plays high school student of Tokyo University is showing off flesh body which was trained.

This same drama depicting a love pattern by three men and Junko (Fukada) of super insensitive alasar girls who are fighting both in love and work with an original comic with Aki Mochida as the original. A cousin Masashi Yakumo ( Nagayama Yuuto ) who cares for Junko since junior high school days, Yuri Shohei (Yokohama) of Junko’s student, Yoshiko Yamashita ( Michiya Nakamura ) of classmate Junko and senior high school students Height gaze gathered in. In the fourth episode of the 5th broadcast, the prince character who showed Kohei to encourage studying towards the University graduate with Junko and two students was a topic. Chest scene such as leaning back to the sense of insensitivity “Teacher, please reward me too” called a big reaction centring on SNS.

In the fifth episode, you can see Yokohama’s trained body. Junko and Koppo heading to Junko’s home to take a reference book encounter a mother Shinobu ( Danifuri ) with Junko near home. Shinobu makes a spiteful word in Junko as soon as he sees Kunpei, and Junko roars his voice to protect him. Mr Kohei worried about Junko such as to call a phone call. Show a gentle aspect to notice her depressed.

As you can see in this scene, Yokohama boasts a trained muscle that can not be imagined from a neat facial appearance. Yokohama who won the International Youth Karate Dojo Championship Competition 13 and 14-year-old male 55 kg in the junior high school third grader and has the title of the ultimate vacuum hand the best in the world has also been a brilliant even in the “Tankyu Sentai Toukyouja” etc. I’ve been showing off action scenes. While this is a short scene this time, it is a valuable opportunity to enjoy physical beauty. (Editorial department · Keisuke Ouchi)

Tuesday drama “The story to read on the day when I first fell in love” The fifth episode is broadcast from 10 o’clock to 11:07 on February 12


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