Meerut Sadhu Lynching Case: Kangana Ranot reacted to Meerut Sadhu lynching case
In her Alia tweet, Kangana Ranot has expressed her anger at the recent monk lynching in Meerut. She wrote, ‘If the killings of innocent spiritual sadhus do not stop, their curse destroys every hope of this country Will give. In Meerut, Sadhu Kanti Prasad was killed by a man named Anas Qureshi along with his sathis because they did not like the saffron-colored swag worn by the monk.

Kangana Ranot is a Bollywood actress and has worked in many films. She often openly expresses her views on subjects related to the country. She also expressed her opinion on the heinous murder of sadhus in Palghar and also kept the actors in Bollywood silent. The night of 16 April, the two monks of the Juna Arena, Maharaja Kalpavrikshgiri and Sushilgiri Maharaj and their driver Nilesh Telgade were attacked by lathis and axes, many police officers were also injured. The killing of these monks not only made headlines, but also became an issue.

According to a recent Times Now report, a public interest litigation has also been filed in the Supreme Court to transfer the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation for a fair investigation. The report also said that two separate chargesheets have been filed in the Palghar Sadhu lynching case. Kangana wrote in the tweet, ‘Another monk was killed for wearing saffron, the curse of these ascetics will destroy every little hope of a peaceful country. If we do not seek the blessings of innocent spiritual seekers, we will suffer Will have

Kangana Ranot is currently in lockdown with her family and sister in Manali. The Manikarnika actress recently took her family on a picnic. He also targeted Swara Bhaskar in his tweet. He tweeted, “When two cowardly lustfuls, who make fun of martyrs for no use, make no sense, it’s not okay, no one should be allowed to make fun of martyrs, mocking our national heroes There should be strict laws against making.


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