Mere Sai 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kulkarni thinks old officer was hesitant to meet him and didn’t return his mukhiya/village head designation, now that new officer is coming, he has to meet and convince him to return his designation. Sai returns Dwarkamayi where a couple with their kid are waiting for him. Man greets Sai and requests him to help his son as he is ill most of the time and keeps crying. Sai asks since when is this happening. Man says he lost his job, so his wife is working in fields and keeps son with her; he feels someone’s evil eyes has fallen on him. Sai asks him to boil milk for his son. Woman says her husband doesn’t know any kitchen work. Sai asks why didn’t she go to work. She says she wanted to, but wants to console her son first. Sai suggests her to go to work as she needs moneyand leave son under her husband’s supervision here.

Tejasvi asks Prahlad/Raja where is he hurt. Raja says he cried more for small injury as she taught. Kulkarni walks in and tells Raja that he asked to meet him only when he has something to gift, so he brought boat for him and he can go and play with aaji/Rukmini. He tells Tejasvi that he is happy to hear that she is trying gto shift to Bambai permanently with Keshav. She says he really wants to. Kulkarni says without his help she cannnot do it and Keshav or Rukmini will not help her; if she thinks her father will let her stay with him if she informs him that she wants to stay with him permanently. Tejasvi says she is her father’s lonely child and her father will be happy to hear that. He asks then why he sends her to Shirdi often. Tejasvi sits silently.
Kulkarni says he likes her intelligence and she knows making use of the situation; he wants Keshav to grow well and stay away from beggar/Sai. She asks what he wants form her. He says compromise, she should let Raja participate in drama. She says she will not allow her son to meet Sai.

Man sees his son crying vigorously and asks Sai to perform her son’s nazar. Sai asks him to feed milk to his son. Man says he can’t and his wife does that. Sai says let us wait till she returns. Man tries to console his son instead of feeding him milk and his wife returns soon. Baby crawls towards fire pit. Man rushes and picks baby and consoles him. Baby falls asleep. His wife returns and asks how did he console baby. Sai says man is baby’s father and a baby feels protected and calm in parent’s arms. He tells man that his wife is working hard to run the house and working in fields keeps son under son most of the time, he should help his wife in household work and take care of his son. He also suggests him to learn new things in life instead of depending on old ones and this way one may able to help others, etc. Man says he understood what he means and asks his wife if she will teach him household work. Woman says she will trust him from hereon that he can take care of baby. She thanks Sai for his help.

Tejasvi’s maid brainwashes her not to trust her father-in-law and to shift back to Bambai as parents always welcome their kids. Tejasvi says she knows what to do.

Precap: Tejasvi tells Keshav that she came to Shirdi to watch dussehra and wants her son to act as Ram in drama.


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