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Rukmini gets concerned for her son Keshav and asks what’s he doing. Keshav asks if she does no longer believe him. She says she does, but what’s he doing. Keshav says he’s staring a commercial enterprise with Tatya and wants to be self-sufficient and stand on his personal ft without his father’s guide. She asks if he organized cash. He says no longer yet, anyplace he goes, they ask collateral safety. Rukmini offers him money. He says he can’t take his father’s unlawful money, else his purpose of incomes loyally will fail. She says she desires him to reach existence.

Sai washes utensil and it flickers like gold. Parvathi and Keshav watch it from their residence. Parvathi reminisces Sai’s gyaan that one ought to communicate things for future use. She picks her father’s gifted bangle from her trunk and tells Keshav that her fathered talented it and it is not Kulkarni’s, so he can use it for his commercial enterprise. Keshav thanks her and says he will go back it quickly. subsequent morning, 2 boys buy pots from potter and smash them targetting pots with Gilli danda. Potter stops them and asks what are they doing. they are saying they already paid him and might do anything they want. Sai stops boys and says the whole thing can’t be evaluated through cash and potter works so tough getting soil from a long way away and moulds it into favoured shape together with his hard work, in order that they cannot insult potter’s difficult work like this. Potter says Sai is right, he sold them pot for reasonably-priced questioning he will recognize his difficult work, but they’re insulting it rather. He returns their cash and asks to go back to his pots. Boys make an apology and inform Sai they found out their mistake.

At Pari’s house, Tara weaves kerchiefs and makes a design on them. Pari says she finished weaving they all. Shubhangi scolds her to analyze from Tara. Vishwas Rao receives happy seeing her daughter being praised. subsequent morning, Pari gets equipped in her favoured pink dress and asks her father how is she looking. He says stunning like an angel. Tara comes out and sporting comparable purple get dressed asks Shubhangi how is she searching. Vishwas Roa enters and praises her and scolds Shubhangi why did she permit Pari wore pink get dressed, she is looking greater darkish. Pari says her mother and father instructed she is looking like an angel. Vishwas Rao keeps yelling. Shubhangi asks Pari to alternate to some light coloured dress. Pari cries it is her favoured shade, however, Shubhangi maintains scolding her.

Precap: Woman taunt Shubhangi that she needs to educate her daughter to make her properly-cultured like Tara. Shubhangi angrily drags Pari in the direction of domestic.

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