Mere Sai 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai goes to ask at Atmaram’s home. Atmaram reveals to Sai that he can’t give much time to Sai as he needs to go to market to get pooja things for his sibling’s passing commemoration and leaves to showcase on his truck. Balram sees his mom planning for pooja and supposes he needs to go out to control himself, inquires as to whether she needs anything from market. She says indeed, yet since he rose late, his uncle Atmaram went to advertise on his truck. Balram yells for what reason did she send him on truck and runs out calling kaka/Atmaram. His mom with sisters and auntie keeps running behind him supposing he got fit of anxiety once more.

Balram discovers Atmaram and calls him. Atmaram gets down truck and asks what befell him. Sai comes to there and reveals to Balram that he need not stress as he fixed truck wheel appropriately this time and even 1 year back. Balram yells what does he think about him, his dad passed on as a result of him. Family cries hearing that. Srikanth meets Sai and advises him that his understudy Gopi, Manav’s child, did not go to class since numerous days and when he went to his home to enquire, it was bolted and afterward he went to their farming area and saw Gopi working in fields with older folks, Manav denied to send Gopi to class. Sai asks Srikanth to bring Manav and Gopi to Dwarkamayi. Srikanth brings them. Manav welcomes Sai and says he knows Sai needs him to send Gopi school year kickoff, yet Gopi knows to peruse and compose well, so he needn’t bother with any further instruction. Sai inquires as to whether he can enable him to plant seeds in a pot.

Manav concurs and shows him same. Sai asks a couple of seeds and placing them in pot pours water on them. Manav says this isn’t right way. Sai says comparably Gopi may turn into a rancher like his dad and granddad, yet in the event that he concentrates well, he can adapt new cultivating procedures and educate even others for better yield. Manav comprehends Sai’s recommendation and guarantees to send Gopi class kickoff. Srikanth says Manav’s purchased seeds are of low quality, so they are skimming in water, else they would have retained water and settled down. Manav expresses gratitude toward him. Srikanth requests to restore these seeds and purchase great quality desserts utilizing Sai’s technique. Sai says when Srikanth thinks about cultivating being an instructor, Gopi can adapt considerably more.

Balram awakens and acknowledges it was only his fantasy. His mom requests that he prepare soon as today is his dad’s passing commemoration and he needs to perform pooja. Sai comes asking and demands to get sustenance from Balram’s hands. Balram offers him sustenance. Atmaram asks Balram to proceed to wash up soon to perform pooja and apologizes Sai for not going to him today as he needs to got o market to get pooja things for his sibling’s demise commemoration. Rest of the episode happen precisely as Balram envisioned.

Precap: Balram reveals to Sai that everybody thinks his dad’s passing was a mishap, yet truth is he slaughtered his dad.


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