Mere Sai 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai recalls his more youthful days in ashram his guru changed into fond of him and other students are jealous of him due to that and think of teaching him a lesson. Tatya asks Sai in the event that they afflicted him. Sai says trouble is a nation of thoughts, if one does no longer hassle, they will no longer feel afflicted. Sai goes into flashback again in which he cleans ashram garden when his fellow students keep to throw garbage again and again. Sai maintains cleansing until students get tired and give up. At night time, guruji starts dinner with students while Sai takes a bite and starts coughing due to more chilli power in curry. Fellow college students reminisces adding chilli powder. Guruji feeds him water and asks what came about. Sai says food caught in his throat. Guruji asks him to be cautious. Fellow students look jealous while Sai completes his meals. Guruji notices that. while asleep, Sai gets intense stomacache. Guruji notices that, offers him medicinal drug and asks him to take a fresh air to feel higher. He explains him connection between stars and moon and them despite the fact that stars and moon are a long way away. Raghunath thinks who will endure so much issues, Sai is both lying or he’s oversmart. Sai tells endurance is the important thing for a non violent lifestyles.

Jhipri asks Sai if Guruji did not discover about the hassle he was present process. Sai is going into flashback again wherein fellow college students drop water on Sai’s bed at night. Sai walks apart and sleeps shivering. Guruji wakes up in the dark and sees Sai’s mattress wet and him dozing apart shivering. inside the morning, Guruji tells Sai if he has any problem, until he expresses it, no person can help him. Sai says he does now not have any problem. Jhipri says how can he face such a lot of troubles calmy, she wouldn’t have tolerated. Ali jokes. Baizamaa asks them to concentrate to Sai silently.

Sai maintains his flashback wherein Guruji gathers students and asks them what is most vital in existence. Sai sits slicing veggies taking note of them. Guruji asks if he will not take part. Sai says he’s incapable to even solution. Guruji says he’s going to determine that. One student says expertise, with out which they can’t benefit anything in lifestyles and wouldn’t had been right here. Guruji says incorrect. each student gives different solutions whilst Sai finishes cutting vegetables and says if he had now not reduce greens, all college students would have had food past due. college students odor a stinky scent and observe a man standing close to door. Guruji asks him to come in. man walks in and requests guruji for assist displaying his leprosy afflicted body.

Precap: Guruji tells Sai that he gave him all the information he knew, what’s his motto in existence. Sai says faith and persistence.


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