Mere Sai 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chihu’s friend Vrinda meets her again as soon as Kulkarni is going out on enterprise and asks how did her husband die. Chihu say take a seat is an extended story and asks how is she. Vrinda says she is leading a glad existence, has a bigger mansion than this one and has 2 younger kids who’re with their grandparents now; asks about Chihu’s children. Chihu says she has one son and indicates Govinda, asks him to come back. Govinda eating food from Rukmini’s fingers says he’ll now not come till he finishes food. She insists. He comes and touches buddy’s feet and in a rude way asks if he can cross and feature food now. Pihu feels embarrassed. Vrinda asks Chihu if Rumini vahini is bringing up Govinda, she have to be alert now and now not leave her lonely son to others, else she might be alone within the future.

Sai asks 3 buddies to cut veggies and help him put together meals. They do so and help him in cooking. Champa and Lakshmi meet him, and he asks them to get silver, brass, copper, iron, banana leaf, etc. plates. they bring plates and as consistent with Sai’s orders arrange them in a series. 3 buddies finish preparing food. Sai asks buddies to return and stand in a que, run and pick one plate and whichever plate they select, they may be served food in same plate. two buddies look at silver plate and think only they may get it. they all run towards plate, one selections brass one, different 2 fight for silver ones and in the end giving up different picks iron metal plate. Sai asks them to return and take a seat with their thalis while he serves food. They sit excitedly, and Sai serves food and ladoos to all three.
Vrinda says she can depart now and invites Chihu to her residence the next day. Chihu says she cannot come. Vrinda says she will be able to come as Kulkarni dada isn’t always at home and she will pick out her day after today. Chihu thinks she has no longer long gone out of house due to the fact that her husband’s demise, how can she now.

All 3 buddies devour food happily dispensing meals and snatching sweets like their adolescence days and tells Sai they’re feeling very satisfied after a long time, what’s the cause. Sai says their motto is to consume meals, value of plate must no longer count; similarly they will get extraordinary plates in existence inside the form of process, relatives, pals, and so forth., in order that they ought to provide time for his or her pals and pricey selflessly ones to keep themselves satisfied. They ask they had food collectively even at a chum’s wedding ceremony, however did no longer feel such happiness. Sai says they had been comparing who were given howmuch wealth and have been materialistic in friend’s wedding ceremony, but here they had been themselves and enjoy great time with their early life buddies, in order that they felt happiness; they should find time often to meet their buddies often.

Precap: Vrinda forcefully takes Chihu out of house. Chihu says she has now not stepped out of house considering that nine years. Vrinda says she has alredy. Sai passes with the aid of smiling.


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