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Keshv and Tatya supply vegetables at British navy base on time. Officer praises their punctuality and gives them order to deliver 2 hundred humans’s veggies ordinary and says they must supply veggies on time be it solar, rain, or bloodless. They both agree. At Pari’s residence, Pari sees her father on the point of journey and asks where is he going. He says he is going to Mumbai with Vishwas Rao to promote earrings and could be returned quickly, until then she need to contend with herself and her mother. Pari agrees. He asks Shubhangi not to scold Pari more.

He calls Vishwas Rao and asks if he is prepared. Vishwas Rao says yes and asks him to hold bag in cart whilst he comes in the back of him. He advices Tara to apply uptan/natural paste on her face each morning and nighttime, have a look at at some stage in afternoon, and help aatya/Shubhangi in household chores. He then gives natural paste container to Pari to apply on her face to whiten it. H sends Pari and Tara out and indicates Shubhangi not to agree to her husband’s phrases and punish Pari if she makes mistakes, reminds how she become rejected repeatedly with the aid of many boys due to her dark color and their parents needed to face a great deal difficulty to get her married, for this reason educate Pari house preserve chores and not allow her exit in sun. He leaves in cart with Pari’s father. Pari cries seeing her father going. Shubhangi thinks her brother reminded her of different past, she can no longer repeat identical mistake and make Pari extra ready than her.

Sai waters flora in Dwarkamayi and sees Shubhangi’s face in water bucket. He gives ethical gyaan that mentioning youngsters is figure’s biggest journey and that they make mistakes at some point of the method, however they have to keep in mind that formative years may be very crucial and no longer make permit their kids remember it as terrible beyond; they must educate their children with love and whoever knows this succeeds as dad and mom.

Tatya and Keshav throw birthday celebration with masses of food to their friends Jhipri, Champa, Ali and others celebrating their agreement. Jhipri asks reason for birthday party. They both say with Sai’s steering, they got vegetable merchandising contract to British base camp. Jhipri asks wherein are Udhav and Govinda. Sai says they have got long past to name Pari. all of them revel in snacks when Kulkarni passes with the aid of on his palanquin and seeing Keshav with Sai and others fumes that Sai had ruined his respect and now Keshav is ruing some thing is left. Jeweler stops him and requests to pay attention to him. Anta and Panta push him aside yelling. Jeweler says he wishes to speak approximately his son Keshav’s deeds and describes in element.

Pari attempts to drink milk with outstanding issue. Udhav and Govinda walk to her and ask if she desires to have jalebi and kachori, she will accompany them. Pari excitedly agrees, however Shubhangi stops ther and scolds to no longer step outdoor, else she can get more darkish. On the opposite facet, Pari says Tatya and Keshav need to be taking part in commercial enterprise partnership. Sai indicates like they accept as true with each other as friends, they have to agree with themselves in business and help every other. They both agree. Tatya says he will move and tell about agreement to his family. Sai asks all of them to move even as he waits for Udhav and Govinda. They each return and tell Pari’s mother did no longer permit her get out of residence.

Precap:- Govinda asks Sai while Pari’s mother loves her, why she has trouble together with her complexion. Sai says on occasion they forgo things in front of them. Pari burns her hand at the same time as getting ready food. Sai receives sad considering that thru telepathy.

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