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Vrinda returns to Chihu’s residence and insists her to accompany to her house. Chihu resists. Vrindua forcefully drags her out. Rukmini stops her and says Chihu’s state of affairs has changed from then and now, so Vrinda can’t take Chihu out. Vrinda says not anything has modified and drags her out of compound. Chihu says she has now not stepped out of residence compound considering the fact that nine years. Vrinda says she has already stepped out of compound. Chihu stands taken aback. Vrinda takes her along forcefully. Rukmini thinks if Kulkarni finds about this mishap, he’ll create havoc.

Sai goes to a residence begging and asks seeing batasha/goodies requests lady if she can supply batasha in alms. lady fortunately agrees and offers him batasha. On the other facet, Vrinda passes by means of village lanes with Chihu. Villagers watch them amused.

Chihu thinks Shirdi has not changed a bit because nine years and nobody is bothered about her going out of house. girls see her and talk how come Kulkarni’s widow sister has pop out of residence, Kulkarni normally follows rituals. Vrinda takes Chihu to their house and suggests her sari and jewelry series and freeing her hair wears her earrings. Chihu reminisces her husband’s fondness for her hair. Vrinda says she likes brilliant coloured Saris and extraordinary jewelries, Chihu have to be amused seeing Vrinda who used to wear Chihu’s antique clothes is so proper now. Chihu in addition reminisces her husband liking her in vivid colored saris. antique couples stroll on Shirdi lanes slowly. humans yell at them to transport out of their way. Sai notices that and asks antique couples if he can assist them stroll and walks conserving their arms. They thank Sai. Sai says it’s far his responsibility and asks wherein they need to head. They ask to drop them at a temple as they need to earn a few cash via making a song bhajans. Sai drops them at temple. They ask his name, he says anyone name him Sai and walks away smiling. Husband sings Bhajan in temple, but nobody can pay them whole day. They cry worriedly. Lakshmi sees that and tells Sai that she will deliver them her entire day’s earning. Sai asks now not to to do this as they love their self-appreciate. They walk and take a seat with couple. man says their son and bahu surpassed away lengthy in the past and left a granddaughter for them who has grown up and ought to be married in multiple years, they are poor, so they sing bhajans and accumulate money for his or her granddaughter’s marriage. Sai suggests him that he need to supply his a 100% to reveal his talent and not simply consider making money, money will go with the flow in routinely. girl says their worries don’t let them provide their a 100%.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai episode update: Sai sings bhajan.


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