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Bheema’s insidious cousins drop oil on Dwarkamayi steps. Sai prepares with his asking sack and is going to venture down when he sees oil on steps and cleans it smilingly. Couins get progressively envious seeing their second arrangement fizzled. Srikanth notes down Barber’s everything clarified counts. Anta and Panta comes to with goons and yell at Barber to get out and clear house, else he will break house. Srikanth requests that couple proceed to control Anta and Panta while he completes counts. Anta breaks things around. Srikanth requests that couple go out before they demolish more things. Couple exit. Anta request to pay credit sum. Stylist says he doesn’t have cash. In Dwarkamayi, underhanded cousins tie flimsy rope before fundamental way to make Sai tumble down.

Anta and Panta request stylist couple to escape house as now Sarkar claims it. Srikanth exits and cautions to stop. Panta insults he goes into anybody’s home, at any rate clear house at the present time. Srikanth asks what did this hair stylist do. Bookkeeper says hairdresser took 15 rs credit and did not return it yet. Srikanth asks advance which hair stylist took 10 years prior, till now he has paid as of now 30 rs altogether. Anta yells not to show them and contradict Sarkar with no verification, else he won’t be saved. Srikanth indicates figuring.

Anta keeps shouting. Individuals assemble outside house and watch their show. Bookkeeper stops Anta and state individuals are watching and even they will look for Srikanth’s assistance, so it is better they leave from here. He is sorry Srikanth and says his visual perception is powerless, so he more likely than not missed figuring. He takes stylist’s unique finger impression on credit conclusion archives. Individuals examine somebody has come at long last to rebel against sarkar, prior Sarkar’s own child revolted and after that his nephew Govinda and now this educator, soon sarkar’s bad form will end. Bookkeeper removes them. Hairdresser with his better half expresses gratitude toward Srikanth, and he leaves. Hairdresser thinks back Sai’s words that somebody may help him before supper. He keeps running behind Srikanth and says he will pursue his recommendation of not tonsuring widows’ heads. Srikanth requests to reevaluate as he doesn’t need him to take choice in scurry. Hair stylist says he doesn’t care for widows’ pitiful face while tonsuring their head and will bolster his hairdresser network. Srikanth grins and leaves.

Bheema’s underhanded cousins come back to Dwarkamayi and spread trash all around the spot. Sai enters. They both get strained and apologize Sai. Sai offers them mangoes. They ask what is it. Sai says they gave what they had and he is giving what he has, gets caught up with cleaning barbage. Senior one rage that Sai is provoking that they have refuse in them, let us go now and return a while later.

At Kulkarni’s home, Chihu in the wake of completing her flat nourishment bolsters Govinda ordinary sustenance arranged for him. Govinda demands her to have a bit as he probably is aware she ate insipid sustenance. She acknowledges a nibble. Kulkarni strolls in and yells at Rukmini that she didn’t comply with his request to not let Chihu out and give her insipid sustenance. Rukmini says tai had tasteless nourishment. Kulkarni shouts at Chihu that she needs to carry on with a widow’s life detached in a room and eat flat sustenance. Govinda says aayi had flat sustenance. Kulkarni shouts at him and says for Chihu’s error, he will rebuff Govinda. Chihu goes up against him to quit hollering at her, she is following every one of his requests, and still, after all that he discovers blames in all things. Kulkarni keeps hollering at her.

In Dwarkamayi, Sai is occupied in his errands when fiendish cousins enter and flee with Sai’s sack. Sai requests that they return his pack, yet futile. They achieve a tranquil spot and see heaps of natural products in Sai’s sack and eat them all. Sai comes to there and requests that they return his pack on the off chance that they have completed the process of eating organic products. Senior one yells he will stay away for the indefinite future his sack and picks block from pack.

Kulkarni’s bookkeeper comes back to him and says individuals have begun rebelling against him and are talking about when he can’t control his sister and family, how might he control them. Kulkarni decides to rebuff Chihu and set a model.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai Episode Update: Kulkarni before entire town says his widow sister disrupted religious norms, so he will get her head tonsured before entire town. Hair stylist with shuddering hands expands shaver towards Chihu’s head.


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