Mere Sai 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai tells his disciples that he goes out on an essential paintings and if a person wishes to speak to him, they have to wait till morning and no one will stay in Dwarkamayi tonight. Ranoji says he will accompany him. Sai says he will cross alone. Baizamaa asks where is he going. Sai says he’ll inform after returning. Raghunath thinks destiny is on his aspect, tonight he’s going to scouse borrow Sai’s brick. All disciples go away. Mhsalsapati asks Raghunath why is he smiling. Raghunath says he’s fortunate meet Sai and to hear Sai’s tale. Mhalsapati says Sai adjustments all of us’s existence. Sai smiles noticing Raghunath’s aim. returned domestic, Raghunath waits for Yamuna and Mhalsapati to sleep, but they each are busy chatting discussing Sai’s specialty.

Sai meditates in jungle whilst some dacoits run in the back of a pandit. Pandit hides in dark. Dacoit tells his fellow dacoit in the event that they don’t capture pandit, boss will kill them. Fellow dacoit says he can not escape in deep jungle and that they have to wait until morning to trap him. Sai noticing them brings moon. Pandit is amazed to peer sudden moonlight. Dacoits hear tiger sound and run faraway from there. Pandit relaxes seeing Sai. Sai addresses him as pandit Yashwanth and takes him along. Raghunath wakes up in the dead of night and heads closer to Dwarkamayi to thieve Sai’s brick. Mhalsapati additionally wakes up seeing vibrant mild and sees Raghunath strolling out. Sai all other disciples see vivid light and comply with it. Raghunath reaches Dwarkamayi and searches brick, unearths it subsequent to fireplace pit and tries to break out, but a protecting barrier forms at door and doesn’t permit him pass. Sai’s disciples attain Dwarkamayi seeing light emerging from there. they all are greatly surprised to peer Raghunath maintaining Sai’s brick and ask what is he doing right here. Raghunath accepts that he came to scouse borrow Sai’s brick. Tatya angrily snatches brick and yells how dare he’s to touch Sai’s brick. all of them tie him to a pillar. Mhalsapati reminisces Sai warning him to assess someone first earlier than taking help. He yells at Raghunath for breaking his accept as true with. Patil says they all consider him and he broke all people’s believe. One says allow us to beat him to pulp. Sai stops them and says no one can take him far from his brick. Mhalsapati says Raghunath dared to steal brick being a pandit. Sai says Raghunath isn’t a pandit and it isn’t his real call, he lied the whole lot, his real name is dacoit Gajraj and Yashwant will tell why he got here right here. anyone are surprised to peer Yashwant in dilapadated nation.

Precap: Sai asks Raghunath to study fire, and Raghunath sees his mom in it.


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