Mere Sai 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Guruji requests that evil man give his hand. Different understudies holding their nose asks Guruji how might he contact this man. Man says Guruji that the malady might be infectious and even he will get sick. Guruji says this kid clarified entire learning and there is nothing left to clarify, holds his hand and takes him in. Sai applies drug on man’s injuries. Keeps an eye on wounds clear in a flash and he is flabbergasted and passionate to see himself restored. He reveals to Sai that he is more youthful than him, however comprehended his agony. He further discloses to Guruji that he will be appreciative to him and this kid Sai and leaves.

Guruji acclaims Sai for responding to his inquiry. Individual understudy says he didn’t express a word. Guruji says Sai offered response with his deed; we are joined to our relatives and worry for them is self-evident, yet worry for others is the greatest idea of humankind. He keeps clarifying that the information he gave them by means of books is demonstrated by Sai through his deeds, so just he saw all the learning he provided for them all. Sai contacts Guruji’s feet and takes his endowments. Guruji says the prescience was with respect to Sai, he remained here for a considerable length of time and substantiated himself each time, he will spread information far away without a doubt.

Supporters ask Sai what occurred straightaway. Sai goes into flashback where his Guruji ruminates with him and gives him all the learning he had. On the last day, Guruji reveals to Sai that he gave him alll the learning he had and today is his last day with him. He asks Sai to expand his hand and keeps his hand on Sai’s hand. Sai acquires endless information with trees, earth, winged creatures, and entire condition shining around them. Back to ashram, Guruji says he moved all the information he had and now he should spread this learning among individuals, asks what will he show individuals now.

Sai smilingly says confidence and persistence. Out of flashback, Sai tells his trains that his Guru showed him everything and gave him learning. He takes out block from his pack and says he gave even this block. Lakshmi inquires as to for what reason did Guruji give block. Sai says he will recount to that story next time, however this block is the main thing on the planet he is appended to. Lakshmi says Sai changed point effectively once more. Raghunath thinks the manner in which this poor person is ensuring this block, something is covered up in it and he needs to take it. Sai grins hearing that.

Precap: Sai tells educates that he is going out for some work and will leave his sack here. Raghunath thinks destiny is to support him and he will take block this evening.


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