Mere Sai 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai tells his disciples that he’ll tell them something tale they want to listen. One disciple says he heard a man going to Gangotri in which Ganga starts. Sai starts offevolved raja Bhaigrath’s story and how he did meditation and got permission from Brahmaji to take ganga river in the world while ganga says earth cannot tolerate her stress and simplest Shivji can undergo its pressure, so Raja Bhagirath meditated again and satisfied Shivji to endure ganga in his hair and then let it flow to earth. Chihu asks if one’s sin wash away in the event that they tub in ganga. Sai says best god knows, however a few people cross there and get achievement and some now not as one cannot get fulfillment thru pilgrimage with impure mind.

Mhalsapati walks right into a temple for pooja and sees dirt all round. His daughter Yamuna asks him to put together for pooja whilst she cleans temple. Sai walks in and praises that fahter and daughter duo for cleaning temple, asks Yamuna when did she come. She says her grandfather is unwell and mom went to attend to him, so she came right here to take care of baba and brother and her husband got transferred to nearby Rohtak. Mhalsapati tells Sai that this temple’ priest went out for a few days, so he has to take care of each temples and it is hard to smooth 2 temples alone, so he has called his cousin Sadashiv to help him who has giant non secular information like his uncle and makes a decision what to eat and wear in keeping with holy books. Sadashiv is visible praying shivling and seeing simplest 2 leaves in belpatra divides them and maintains on Shivling. He does not see prasad and asks his spouse Sunanda to convey prasad. She offers him prasad and seeing him gazing her realizes it is Tuesday and he or she has to put on yellow sari as opposed to orange. He asks to rush up as they must tour. Mhalsapati tells Sai that Sadashiv bhau does no longer like indiscipline and he is afraid that bhau will scold him for being indiscipline. Sunanda brings garments and pooja item baggage and maintain them on floor. Sadashiv scolds her for maintaining pooja item bag on floor and scolds her that he does not like all indiscipline in god’s paintings. wife crying apologizes and pleads she will be able to repair the whole lot proper. Sadashiv apologizes Mahadev for his spouse’s mistake. Mhalsapati realizes he introduced ghee can rather than sesame oil can to mild lamp and receives tensed. Sai says appears at disciple’s hearts and now not gadgets, so he can upload ghee in lamp. Mhalsapati does same and says if bhau become here, he would have despatched him home to get sesame oil.

Sadashiv with Sunanda reaches shirdi on cart and gets down at temple earlier than going to Mhalsapati’s residence. Pari and her buddies play near temple. He scolds them and asks to observe area, he asks his spouse to get water and no longer gangajal to clean his toes. She obeys shivering in fear and washes his feet. He scolds her for pouring extra water and spoiling floor. spouse shivering says she will be able to maintain it in mind. Sadashiv says she will be able to visit hell if she makes errors. youngsters throw grimy ball on his garments and dirty it. He appears at them angrily.

Precap: Govinda requests Sadashiv to forgive them and return their ball. Sadashiv throws it a ways away, Sai holds it.


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