Mere Sai 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai makes Yeshwanth panditji sit and gives him water blended with blessed cinder. Yeshwanth devours it and tells he had educated Mhalsapathi that he will come on the given date and had left for Shirdi 1 day before when he dacoit Gajraj arguing to help one of his oblivious assistant. Yeshwanth gets down his truck and sends his driver to get water. Gajraj asks where is he going. Yeshwanth depicts that he is Shirdi’s Maruthi mandir poojari and is returning in the wake of going through multi month country estate. Gajraj inquires as to whether sanctuary gets heaps of cash as blessing. Yeshwanth says yes. Gajraj grabs him and demands to compose a letter that he is sending his relative as between time pandit till he returns. Gajraj tells dacoit in the event that he is considering taking in Shirdi, he can’t as Sai won’t let anybody take even a penny out of Shirdi.

Out of flashback, Yeshwanth says he got away from Gajraj as a result of Sai’s assistance. Yeshwanth inquires as to whether Sai was demolishing his arrangement over and again. Sai grins. Locals state they should beat dacoit Gajraj to mash. Sai says Gajraj ought to be allowed to change. Gajraj says who is he to change him. Sai says on the grounds that he is from a decent family and his dad was a man of standards. Gajraj goes into flashback where he demands his dad to request high wages for his bullock truck administration and father says he won’t take the cash he doesn’t merit or earned and will take wages as per his work. Gajraj says he won’t pursue his dad’s standards and progresses toward becoming dacoit to win cash for his sister and mom. Sai says his sister and mom doesn’t considerably recollect them. Gajraj says he will come back to his sister and mom soon and they will wholeheartedly acknowledge him. Sai requests that he take a gander at flame and he sees his mom asking god that her little girl’s union is fixed in a decent family and expectations Gajraj does not come to destroy their bliss. Gajraj cries hearing that.

Gajraj apologizes for his transgressions and chooses to buckle down and return everybody’s cash he plundered. Sai gets some information about the inconvenience individuals confronted as a result of him, he didn’t take Yeshwanth’s cash, yet the inconvenience he gave Yeshwanth is insufferable. Gajraj says he can’t fix their inconveniences, yet he can doubtlessly change himself through Sai’s assistance and asks Sai to portray story behind his block as everybody are anxious to find out about it.

Precap: Sai’s kindred understudies hit him with block to murder him.


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