Mere Sai 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghunath says he is fortunate meet Sai and to hear Sai’s story. Mhalsapati says Sai transforms everyone. Sai grins seeing Raghunath’s aim. Back home, Raghunath hangs tight for Yamuna and Mhalsapati to rest, however the two of them are occupied with talking examining Sai’s uniqueness.

Sai contemplates in wilderness when a couple of dacoits keep running behind a pandit. Pandit covers up in dull. Dacoit tells his kindred dacoit in the event that they don’t get pandit, supervisor will slaughter them. Individual dacoit says he can’t escape in profound wilderness and they should hold up till morning to get him. Sai seeing them brings moon. Pandit is astounded to see abrupt evening glow. Dacoits hear tiger sound and flee from that point.

Pandit loosens up observing Sai. Sai addresses him as pandit Yashwanth and takes him along. Raghunath awakens at 12 PM and heads towards Dwarkamayi to take Sai’s block. Mhalsapati likewise awakens seeing splendid light and sees Raghunath exiting. Sai every single other supporter see splendid light and tail it. Raghunath comes to Dwarkamayi and searches block, discovers it alongside flame pit and attempts to get away, however a defensive boundary structures at entryway and doesn’t release him. Sai’s devotees reach Dwarkamayi seeing light rising up out of there. They all are stunned to see Raghunath holding Sai’s block and ask what is he doing here. Raghunath acknowledges that he came to take Sai’s block.

Tatya irately grabs block and shouts how could he is to contact Sai’s block. They all bind him to a column. Mhalsapati thinks back Sai cautioning him to assess an individual first before taking assistance. He hollers at Raghunath for breaking his trust. Patil says they all trust him and he broke everybody’s trust. One says let us beat him to mash. Sai stops them and says no one can remove him from his block. Mhalsapati says Raghunath set out to take block being a pandit. Sai says Raghunath isn’t a pandit and it isn’t his genuine name, he lied everything, his genuine name is dacoit Gajraj and Yashwant will explain why he came here. Everybody are astounded to see Yashwant in dilapadated state.

Precap: Sai asks Raghunath to take a gander at flame, and Raghunath sees his mom in it.


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