Mere Sai 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai asks guy if he desires his son to obey him, he ought to eat neem leaves. He pressure feeds guy neem leaves. guy not able to bear an excessive amount of bitter neem leaves pukes out. Sadashiv asks his wife Sunanda if she took drug treatments. She nods sure. He says Yamuna will contend with residence while Sunanda can relaxation, however she has to arrange his pooja objects as best she is aware of the order; whilst he returns home after holy bath inside the morning, he needs pooja gadgets geared up. Mhalsapati says permit Sunanda vahini relaxation. Sadashiv boasts that he and Mhalsapati are priests and pupils and earn all piety/punya, but ladies are not students, with a purpose to at the least arrange pooja items. Sunanda says if it’s far written in holy books, then her husband is right. Yamuna thinks why ladies can’t do pooja themselves and earn punya, why Sai says otherwise.

Guy asks Sai why did he force feed him neem leaves, he had to puke and empty his complete belly. Sai says he learnt it from himself as he became using bitter words to scold his son; even bitter words gets out all of the accurate thoughts in his mind and his son will develop a bitter relationship with him. guy apologizes Sai and says his father used to scold him bitterly and he used to experience terrible, he does no longer need his son be bitter to his son, so from hereon he can be careful. He pampers his son and asks him to look at now, he’s going to take him out within the night. Son fortuitously consents and goes in to play. man thanks Sai for his assist.

Early morning, Sunanda wakes up and arranges pooja objects chanting Shiv Shiv. Yamuna opens eyes and notices her. Sunanda yawns and apologizes Bajrangbali. Yamuna asks why she is apologizing god for yawning. Sundanda says Bajrangbali will think Sunanda were given tired serving him. Sunanda continues preparing poooja thali till morning. Sadashiv returns after holy bathtub and praises Sunanda that she did now not do any mistake today, now he will visit temple. Mhalsapati takes him to temple and introduces him to 2 aides who will assist him in cleaning temple and carry out pooja. Sadashiv says desirable any individual desires to serve and says his wife receives up early morning to wish arrange pooja objects, even they both will awaken early morning and wait outdoor his house to help Sunanda. both aides agree. a man walks into temple and starts pooja. Sadashiv stops him and says handiest poojari has right to do pooja. man says earlier pandit did not say this. Sadashiv orders aides to surround this area and let deities handiest in line. He order deities to leave their footwear at home and walk until temple, they could do at least this for god.

Sadashiv sees ghee in temple lamp as opposed to sesame oil and scolds Mhalsapati. He address humans that the whole lot in Shirdi is going against holy books and from hereon, he will use all of the rituals consistent with holy book.

Precap: A person tells Appa that new pandit may be very strict and is following holy books strictly. Sadashiv denies to simply accept a woman’s prasad.


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