Mere Sai 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sadashiv drones sanskrit shloka and advises just brahmin has appropriate to offer guidance. Locals viewing ask who is he and how could he is to affront Sai. Sadashiv says he is a bramin and pandit of this sanctuary. He keeps flaunting his ethical gyaan. Sai grins and inviting him to Shirdi says they all will be entitled with is information. Sadashiv again affronts Sai. Mhalsapati enters and says they all consider Sai as master. Sadashiv asks how might he consider a homeless person who does not know any information of religion as master.

Mhalsapati takes him along saying he should be drained voyaging and should achieve home and rest. A dad chides his child for playing in garden and not considering. Child solicitations to allow him to play, yet father impolitely keeps reproving him. Sai comes to there and inquires as to whether he can support him. Father concurs and requests that he give him an answer for show his child. Sai gives him neem leaves and requests to eat it.

Mhalsapati takes Sadashiv and his significant other towards home. Sadashiv says his better half is sick and vaidya/specialist recommended to change condition and since Shirdi has great condition and Mhalsapati mentioned for his assistance, he thought of remaining here for a month till his significant other’s condition improves. He at that point inquires as to why he thinks about a poor person as master. Mhalsapati says he doesn’t know Sai well, soon he may likewise consider Sai as his master after his significant other’s disease is restored. They achieve home.

Yamuna welcomes Sadashiv’s better half in. Sadashiv requests that spouse be cautious with shivling and keep it in sanctuary soon. Spouse strolls into home with Yamuna and gets cheerful seeing Martand and gives him toys to play. She at that point picks Shivling and strolls towards home sanctuary when Martand tumbles down and cries. Spouse keeps Shivling on table and races to lift him up. Sadashiv with Mhalsapati enters and seeing Shivling on table hollers at spouse that she completes a ton of errors and will push off. Mhalsapati says it didn’t fall however. Spouse says her better half is correct, she may take a hike.

Precap: Man heaves subsequent to having neem leaves and asks Sai for what reason did he feed him neem, he needed to upchuck. Sai says he took in this from him.


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