Mere Sai 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Old couple open Sai’s talented batasha/sweet bag and find silver coins alternatively. They both are amused and suppose Sai gave them wealth. They return to Sai. Sai says god gave them this gift seeing their real religion, this cash may be suffice for their granddaughter’s marriage and even some could be left for his or her peaceful living. In Kulkarni’s residence, Rukmini informs Keshav that Chihu did not open her room door seeing that the day gone by and Govinda additionally did now not have some thing when you consider that that incident the day gone by. Keshav walks to Govinda with food and asks him not to reveal his anger on food. Govinda shouts why her mom’s head is tonsured and why she does no longer wear colourful saris like Rukmini maami and hold lengthy hair.

A woman Nirmala rushes to Sai searching for assist and says her daughter is unwell and her husband has disowned her together with her 3 daughters for bearing daughters. Sai says whilst he used to come back to her house begging, she did no longer inform him anything. Nirmala says earlier situation became not this hard and she tolerated her husband and mom-in-regulation/MIL’s name callings thinking scenario could improve if she bears male infant, however after 3 women, her husband threw her out of his residence. Sai says he’ll meet her husband and explain him.

Govinda resists to eat food. Chihu enters and scolds him that he isn’t doing any choose by using filling his own belly, he may be hungry if he does no longer want to. Govinda asks Laxmi’s mom is likewise a window, however does now not wear colorless saris and tonsure her head. Chihu confronts that everyone are bothered about Govinda and not about her, do they recognize what she feels whilst her head is tonsured every month. ‘Govindia walks out of house angrily reminiscing all the current incidents. Udhav with Pari stops him and asks to see Pari has drawn a stunning comic strip. Govinda walks away announcing he does not want to. He then sees a few boys troubling a bald boy and confronts boys to stop troubling boy. Boys taunt that he is assisting bald boy as his whole family is bald, his mom, father, maam/uncle, and so forth.. Govinda angrily warns to stop.

Sai takes Nirmala and her children back to her husband’s residence. lady’s MIL says she wishes a grandson to hold her lineage and perform her closing rights/mukhagni, so she has determined to get her son marriage again. Even girl’s husband says he wishes a son to take over his business and he can visit heaven only if his son gives mukhagni, so he desires to disown Nirmala and remarry to get a boy. Sai says they pray a devi/lady, but don’t want a female of their house; even though a son gives mukhagni, one cannot visit heaven in the event that they disown their girl. man asks what to do then.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai episode update: Sai shows Nirmala and her MIL to repay 1 daughter’s weight well worth cash to Nirmala and unfastened themselves for lifestyles.


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