Mere Sai 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai keeps describing his tale to his disciples that his guru notion his schooling is complete, so requested him to go away ashram. Sai says he will no longer depart Guruji. Guruji says he is also accompany him. other students understanding about it whinge villagers who suppose they learnt a lot from Venkusha guruji and could now not permit him cross. Guruji says he will return after guiding this boy. Villagers suppose Guruji is going away because of this boy/Sai and even Guruji wants to go back, boy will not allow him, so that they have to do something. Jhipri asks Sai what did they do. Sai says concept of kidnapping him. Baiza maa asks how can they think of kidnapping a boy. Sai recollects Guruji and him taking shelter in a hut. Guruji serves him food and asks to have it. Sai meditates under a tree whilst villagers try and kidnap him but escaping when Guruji receives alert. Guruji maintains guiding and shielding Sai. Mhalsapati says he were given all his precise characteristics from his guruji. Sai smiles.

Jhipri asks if villagers succeeded in kidnapping him or no longer. Sai recollects considered one of villagers walking to him and asking water and another trying to kidnap him from behind when Guruji walks out of hut and asks villager Gangadhar what’s he doing here. Gangadhar asks what is he doing. Guruji asks to reply him first. Gangadhar says he became passing with the aid of and felt thirsty, so he stopped her. Guruji asks if he quenched his thirst he can go away. Jhipri asks how can they stoop so low. Sai says that they had fear of losing their guru. Baiza maa says Sai reveals positivity in the entirety. Sai recalls again villagers making plans to kill him and that they enter hut whilst Guruji and Sai are asleep and attempt to kill Sai with a brick whilst Guruji wakes up and takes brick on himself. Villagers get afraid and run far from there.

Sai does Guruji’s first-useful resource and asks how is he feeling now. Guruji says high-quality, he understood until he is with him, villagers will try to kill him, so it’s far higher he component methods from him. Sai cries. Guruji says it’s miles gurudakshina from him.

Precap: Guruji tells Sai that human beings will take suggestion and gain from him in the imminent time and sends him away.


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