Mere Sai 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Shubhangi maintains a dumping family on Pari and walks away with neighbour lady caution Pari not to let Tara do any paintings. Pari attempts to scrub herbal paste’s yellow colour from her palms, but could not. Udhav and Govinda awaiting Shubhangi to head away walk in to meet Pari. On the opposite aspect, an antique guy asks Sai why did he remind him of his past. Sai asks if he knows who brought his younger son on a cart after his coincidence. the antique guy says he did no longer find time to ask that guy. Sai says he become his more youthful son’s boss whose lifestyles his son had stored and took him to a physician, so boss added man domestic. vintage man’s son says he has discovered a task here and will stay here to serve his father, even younger brother is planning an enterprise. Sai tells the old man that he served his mother and father well, so his sons are serving him, he is very lucky. He hugs the antique man’s son.

Pari washes her fingers and says now yellow colour is gone. Udhav says her troubles started out on the grounds that Tara got here right here, so she has to be blamed. Pari says it isn’t Tara’s mistake, she could be very supportive, it is her mistake that she is born dark and wants to get rid off darkish colour to delight her mom. She asks Tara how did she get truthful colouration. Tara says her mother gives her saffron mixed milk. Udhav asks Pari to drink saffron and turmeric milk then, and once her colouration lightens, her mother will not behave harshly on her. within the night, Shubhangi brings herbal paste for Pari and sees her asleep. Tara says she became tired, so slept early. Shubhangi thinks once Pari learns family chores, she cannot be harsh on her. She asks Tara why did no longer she sleep but. Tara says her mother used to inform her stories until she slept. Shubhangi tells her very own tale to Tara. Pari wakes up and hears that. She liquids saffron and turmeric milk wondering she will get truthful colour. She overdoses on saffron and turmeric and receives severe stomachache. Shubhangi gets concerned for her. Baizaa hears Pari’s sound and walks to her. Shubhangi cries to shop her daughter.

Baizaa with Appa and Shubhangi takes Pari to dwarkamayi. Sai checks Pari and reveals overdose of saffron and turmeric in her stomach. Shubhangi asks what took place to her daughter. Sai says Pari ate something else than ordinary food. Shubhangi asks Tara what did Pari have. Sai looks into Pari’s eyes and sees her having saffron and turmeric milk in excess. He fills water in his pot and suggests it to the sky, taking blessings, and then feeds it to Pari.

Precap: Pari asks Sai if he could make medication for her to lighten her pores and skin. Sai asks if she can make crow doll for her, however, need to not use black colouration.

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