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Sai heals Srikanth from his stomachache and gets Srikanth’s useless wife’s soul via his leela/magic. Srikanth is amused to peer Radha. Sai walks away asking to him to talk to his wife. Radha asks why is he hating youngsters while he used to like kids lots, her expiry changed into inevitable as doctors had already informed that she would now not live on after delivery, even then she went beforehand as he loves kids and wanted to present him their very own baby. Srikanth says it’s far impossible. Radha says it’s miles viable and she or he wrote Dainandini (diary writing) in his absence and wanted to present it to him, however while he did not return, she despatched it via her father which he did no longer examine; her soul will not get peace until he begins loving kids once more and no longer blame himself for her and her youngsters’s dying. She disappears. Srikanth pleads now not to go and whilst Sai returns alleges Sai that he created illusion. Sai says it is truth and his spouse needs him not guilty himself for her and their baby’s loss of life. Srikanth selections his trunk and suggests Radha’s belonging pronouncing she is long gone. Sai says Radha’s one extra issue is with him. Srikanth choices Dainandini and says it’s far Radha’s handwriting and reads same what Radha’s instructed just now, cries that his Radha did now not acquire piece until now. Sai says he need to accept fact that he loves youngsters and desires to cause them to a higher human being and progress properly, it is time to depart his beyond and trade is destiny. Srikanth emotionally touches Sai’s toes. Sai stops him and hugs him smilingly after which wipes his tears. He appears towards window. Radha’s soul emerges once more. Srikanth promises that his existence each breath might be to meet Radha’s closing desire. Radha greet Sai and disappears peacefully.
Srikanth feels guilty for insulting Sai earlier repeatedly and Sai supporting him today. He apologizes Sai for his misbehavior. Sai says when himself is burning in guilt, he cannot see what is proper and wrong. Srikanth asks him how did he recognise he wishes assist. Sai says on every occasion a person seeks assist truly, assist reaches for sure. Srikanth touches Sai’s toes and says whenever Sai wishes help, he will be geared up. Sai says he have to assist someone in want. Srikanth asks how will he locate needy. Sai says he will feel himself and must help needy. Srikanth agrees. Sai asks him to sleep now as tomorrow may be a new sun for his and his stuents’ lives. Srikanth says he will wait for the morning eagerly.

subsequent morning, Srikanth’s college students eagerly anticipate him in faculty. Govinda smirks thinking teacher will not come nowadays after eating stale jalebis. students see a puppet peeping and speaking to them addressing himself as their buddy Tunu. They rejoice and then get tensed seeing Srikanth. Srikanth says he’s their pal. He entertains them along with his puppetry. all of them laugh whilst Govinda thinks why did no longer instructor fall unwell, if he did now not devour stale jalebis. Srikanth choosing stick asks Govinda to come to him. Govinda receives tensed. Udhav asks him to move as teacher wants to thank him for jalebis. Govinda nervously walks to Srikanth. Srikanth offers him stick and asks him to interrupt it as they don’t it anymore. Govinda is amused to listen that and thinks what occurred to trainer and breaks stick. Srikanth asks him to move and take a seat and says from today they’ll both take a look at and learn with love and not by means of pressure, will they forgive their trainer. Udhav says they forgave him seeing Tunu and forgot their beyond. Srikanth says these days is holi competition and they may observe about its story.

Sai passes by way of a boy who is sitting sadly and identifies him as Pratap’s son Vaibhav, asks what’s he doing here rather than celebrating competition. Vaibhav says there may be no happiness in his life and describes his ordeal that he is properly knowledgeable, so he went to metropolis to find a appropriate job, however were given a low elegance process.

Srikanth describes holi competition’s tale and asks college students to attract holika’s percent. Pari says with out seeing Holika’s photograph, how can they draw one. Srikanth says they can draw in line with their imagination, holika became a princess and can even be monster, they have to consider with and draw picture. He offers them paint box and brush and asks to close his and believe whoever he hates and draw his/her photo. Govinda hears him carefully.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai episode update: Govinda opposes his mom Chihu’s head tonsuring and says why can’t his mother celebrate competition whilst absolutely everyone does, if his mom is so awful that even holika dahan can not cease her evilness.


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