Mere Sai 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pari shows her drawn sketches to Balram. She shows her parents and her friend crow Chickoo’s sketches and then Sai’s. Balram throws papers seeing Sai’s sketch and shouts what is there to see in this. Family notices his rude behavior. His mother Godavari takes him out. Godavari asks Balram not to throw tantrums and because of him, she and his father have to face a lot. Balram thinks if someone asked what he needs. Pari’s mother Shubhangi takes father Atmaram in and says something is wrong with Balram, he is so rude. Atmaram says Balram’s aged kids are impatient and they cannot listen anyone. Shubhangi thinks whatever it is, something is wrong with Balram. Next day, Atmaram asks Balram to get ready soon as he will take him to meet his carpenter friend. Godavari gives pooja aarti to Balram and asks him to keep his calm, she then expresses her concern in front of her daughter. Shubhangi hears their conversation and thinks something is wrong with Balram for sure.

Atmaram takes Balram to his friend Thakur’s carpentry shop and says Balram’s father was a carpenter and even Balram knows capentry, he can be helpful to thakur. Thakur says his assurance is enough for him. Balram angrily pulls pocket knife and cuts wood. Atmaram asks Balram to work hard. Sai reaches there, and asks Balram why did not he return after delivering upma. Atmaram greets Sai and says he brought Balram for work her. Sai reminds Balram that he had told his fate will change tomorrow and asks Thakur to let Balram learn carpentry well. Thakur says Balram can relax and watch work today and can start from tomorrow. Balram sits silently. Thakur’s worker says he needs 1 more person to finish cupboard by evening. Thakur asks Balram to cut wooden log. Balram says he told not to work today. Thakur insists. Balram starts cutting wooden log reminiscing his father teaching him carpentry and his father meeting with a cart accident and passing away. He panics and says he cannot work. Thakur scolds that he is lazy and wants to live on his mother’s earnings. Balram pushes Thakur and runs. Thakur falls on table and injures his forehead. Atmaram returns to give Balram’s lunchbox and stands shocked.

Atmaram takes Balram home and fumes in front of family revealing how Balram injured Thakur and tried to run away. Godavari starts crying and apologizes Atmaram. Atmaram says as a family it is our duty to help each other and if Balram is having any problem, he should share with us. Godavari says Balram is shattered after his father’s death. Sai enters. Shubhangi asks Godavari to describe Balram’s problem to Sai. Sai asks Balram to describe what happened during competition. Balram asks how does he know about competition. Sai says he does not know, so Balram can describe. Godavari starts that Balram with his father’s help was preparing a cart to participate in yearly competition when his father passed away. Balram shattered after his father’s death and is unable to do anything after that. Sai says Balram has to realize his responsibility. Atmaram says Balram is lonely male of his family, so he should support his mother and sisters. Sai asks Balram what is his problem. Balram says Sai is his problem, he was running away from Shirdi when Sai stopped him. Sai says he was doing wrong by running away from his mother and sisters and drags Balram along.

Precap: Sai asks Balram what if people stop performing their duties including earth. Balram says people will face problem for a few days. Earthquake


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