Mere Sai 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Mere Sai 1st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mhalsapati performs Khandoba’s pooja on shivratri’s eve. Govinda asks what’s dating between Shivji and Khandoba. Mhalsapati says Khandoba is likewise Shivji’s shape, so he can pray even Khandoba on Shivratri. Govinda leaves to satisfy Udhav. Mhalsapati gives prasad to Jhipri. Atma Ram comes looking Pari and asks Jhipri if she saw Pari. She says no. He leaves concerned for Pari. Jhipri says does no longer understand wherein Pari and Sai went. Bheema says Pari must have gone behind birds and Sai should have gone to help someone. Jhipri says Sai did no longer even mild morning lamp. Bheema says Sai has long gone into the jungle for prays often, so it is normal. Atma Ram continues looking, Pari. Vishwas Rao yells that Pari always issues them. Shubhangi yells at Pari and in

Sai presents a shilling to Pari and adorning a rangoli with plants asks her to set up shivling over it. Pari smilingly does and says it nonetheless wishes pooja items. Sai gets pooja items thru magic from his bag and decorates them round. Pari decorates Shivling and does pooja with Sai’s help. Sai says god wishes pure heart and no longer worldly food. Pari prays to god to make her like her mom desires so that her mother can love her loads again. She sees a snake around shivling and receives afraid. Sai smiles.

Kulkarni orders Anta and Panta to hide Pari’s made painting as British officer Gokuldas is an atheist and does no longer agree with in god. Golkuldas reaches on the chariot. Kulkarni greets him and asks to come in as he has organized 5 one of a kind unique dishes for him. Gokuldas says he got here right here to look into Shirdi and not on vacation. Kulkarni orders to get palanquin. Gokuldas says if he uses Palanquin how will he look at Shirdi properly. Kulkarni takes him on Shirdi tour through the walk. Gokuldas sees human beings bending and greeting Kulkarni and asks what are they doing. Kulkarni says they admire him as he allows them a lot.

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Mere Sai episode update online story ends.

Precap: Upcoming Mere Sai episode update Sai pours water on shivling and heavy rain starts in Shirdi. Gokuldas is amused to see unseasonal rain and Pari’s painting on the wall.


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