Mere Sai 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Panta and Santa inform Kulkarni that a huge group of epidemic hit patients wants to enter Shirdi, he should come and check himself. Sai plays bansuri and breaks barb wires fixed by British officers. Patients walk in and follow Sai leaving British officers and doctor amazed. Kulkarni stands fuming watching that. After reaching Dwarkamayi, Sai asks Patil and others if khichdi is prepared. They say yes. Patients follow Sai to dwarkamayi and ask why did he bring them here. Sai asks them to have food first as they are hungry since days. He serves them leafs and then food.

Sai’s disciple say until he is there they need not worry, he is their god and chant Sai ki jai ho. Kulkarni gets angry hearing that and slaps Santa when he chants Sai ki jai ho. Ranoji asks him why he took 7 wheat grains from 7 houses while he wanted to give whole wheat bag. Sai asks them to sit and says 7 wheat grains resemble 7 defects like ego, anger, arrogance, laziness, etc.; they make humans fight and with these defects humans cannot be in peace; if one can keep oneself free from these 7 defects, they will never take a wrong decision, this was his effort and intention.

Kulkarni reminisces Keshav writhing in pain and Rukmini telling only Sai can cure him, etc. Santa asks if he fell for Sai’s words. Kulkarni says never, his arrogance and anger is his right and he is always superior to all these villagers, Sai may fool them and not him, he will return back and take his revenge again.

Sai’s disciples praise Sai that he cured and took care of them like a father and for them all he is like a father, so from here on he is their baba, Sai baba, whole world’s Sai baba. Everyone chant Sai baba. Disciples sing a bhajan for him and he plays bansuri and blesses them. He transforms from a young Sai to old Sai baba. Tatya, Ali and other kids grow up to become young men. Patil, Mhalsapati, Srikath and others grow old. Sai standing on one leg blesses tghe.

Precap: Baiza maa says tomorrow Navratri festival is starting, but they don’t have pots. Sai gives his moral gyaan.


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