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Sai treats Pari’s stomachache. inside the morning, Shubhangi asks Pari what would she have instructed her father if something had occurred to her. Sai asks her to let Pari live here for an afternoon. Shubhangi takes Tara along with her to apply the herbal paste on her. Udhav and Govinda get happy that they are able to play with Pari for a complete day. On the other aspect, Keshav needs satisfied birthday to Rukmini and touches her toes. Chihu tai also needs his happy birthday. Keshav offers his first earning to Rukmini, and she or he gets emotional. Chihu says even she will be able to prepare kheer for Rukmini as gift. Kulkarni walks in. Chihu says today is Rukmini’s birthday and he should present her something Kulkarni says he speaks rudely does not imply he does now not love his circle of relatives, as a present Rukmini can go to her figure’s house. Rukmini gets glad. Kulkarni says he goes out of Shirdi for some work and walks away. Chichu asks Rukmini to head before Kulkarni returns and adjustments his thoughts. Rukmini says she will be able to take Ant and Panta together with her. Chihu nervously says they both have also long past out, so Rukmini can go with Keshav. Rukmini says Keshav began paintings simply now and can not return returned in an afternoon. Chihu says Keshav has to stability his professional and private life, so this the great way to analyze.

Sai offers meals to Pari and asks her to play after ingesting this. Pari asks if he can make her fair, in order that no person can criticize her. Sai says if she can make crow portrait for her. Pari consents and gets coal. Sai says she ought to no longer use black colour. Pari asks how is it viable. Sai says then she can make a cow, but it must have elephant’s trunk, hippo’s legs, deer’s tail, and so on. Pari says then it gained’t be a cow and can be something else. Sai says similarly her face, tone, hair, shape make her Pari who is precise; if she wants to exchange her identity. Pari says no and asks the way to persuade her mom with those phrases. Sai says her mother loves her lots, however, forgot she is hurting her seeking to exchange her, she can understand it a few days.

Keshav walks on the street thinking how to inform Tatya that he has to take go away from the process. Sai walks to him asks what’s he thinking. Keshav explains his ordeal and asks what to do now. Sai takes him to Tatya’s residence. Baizaa maa asks them to are available in, she will be able to deliver them something to eat. Sai says no longer now and asks Keshav to explain his ordeal to Tatya as they may be business companions now. Keshav explains the entire tale to Tatya and asks what he must do now.

Precap:- Sai sees a person pleading his wife now not to leave him, wife says she can’t stay with him anymore. Sai asks the guy to hit a nail in a wood plank reminiscing on every occasion he was given anger on someone.

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