Mere Sai 21th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

A man enters Shirdi. a few children plays gilli danda and hit gilli closer to him. He holds it. kids praise his competencies and and request to return gilli.

He throw it far away and scolds children. He walks similarly in and seeing Pari and her buddies playing receives indignant that this village has simplest troubling making children. He then thinks he forgot course and seeing Govinda fumes once more that this village has most effective youngsters.

He walks to Govinda and asks in which is Kulkarni wada. Govinda asks why he desires to recognise. guy asks not to argue. Govinda says Kulkarni wada’s call is modified to Govind wada now and offers him wrong course.

as soon as man leaves, he receives worried thinking Sai should have discovered out about his mistake. Keshav walks in with Sai and scolds Govinda why is he sitting right here, there are all involved for him. Govinda

says his mother does not love him and he or she even punished him the day gone by with out his mistake. Sai says now and again one scolds a person else in anxiety, his mother did identical and it does not imply his mother does now not love him, she loves him plenty and is comfortable as Rukmini takes care of him nicely; his whole own family loves him loads, be with his mother, Keshav, Rukmini, or Kulkarni. Govinda calms down, and Keshav takes him domestic.

man maintains wandering and asks passerbys where is Govind wada. all people say they don’t understand where is it. worn-out he sees Dwarkamayi and walks in to drink water, thinks if it’s far proper to drink someone’s water without permission.

Sai walks in and says one does not need permission to take water, thirst and hunger is nature’s gift and one must not hesitate. guy introduces himself as Srikanth, British government’s appointed new trainer in Shirdi, and asks what is his call. Sai says humans call him Sai and it is right Shirdi could have one extra educated man or woman. Srikanth says theoretical information does not assist and most effective practical information helps in life.

He offers money to Sai. Sai says whilst nature does now not take cash from him for its water and other sources, how can he take cash from him. Srikanth says he does now not agree however will recognize his wondering.

Sai says course of Kulkarni wada. Srikanth thinks maybe he knowledgeable Sai all through discussion. Sai says it’s miles nonetheless Kulkarni wada and no longer Govind wada. Srikanth fumes that a boy/Govinda erroneous and fooled him. Sai says quickly he will make many pals and pricey ones.

Srikanth says he does no longer like every relationships or feelings and just will work for five hours and get his profits every month, it is up to students in the event that they grasp his teaching or not. Sai smiles.

Srikanth reaches Kulkarni’s residence. Kulkarni asks why did he come so past due. Srikanth says he lost his way. Kulkarni suggests him to no longer educate politics to youngsters and he’s going to no longer intervene in his work. Sai says he’s a government employee and his responsibility is to train youngsters and get his salary, does now not care if college students recognize it or not. Kulkarni thinks Srikanth isn’t always like Madhav who taught extra than e-book information to youngsters.

Keshav brings Govinda domestic. Srikanth receives indignant seeing him and says this is the boy who inaccurate him and due to him he got past due, he even advised Kulkarni wada’s call is Govinda wada now. Keshav apologizes him on his more youthful brother’s behalf who is mischievous however top at coronary heart.

Kulkarni says Srikanth he can also depart now. Srikanth offers him Golkuldas’ letter and says it is written all students ought to attend college compulsorily. Kulkarni thinks what’s the want to teach all youngsters. Srikanth asks if Govinda also attend faculty. Kulkarni says he’ll.

Precap: A man tells Sai that he could be very vulnerable and can’t paintings, so if he can stay in Dwarkamayi and assist Sai in begging. Sai says his palms are paining, so if he can reduce wood for him.


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