Mere Sai 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Mere Sai 22 February 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Mere Sai full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Anta and Panta bribe Tatya’s vegetable vendor to tell Tatya that he cannot deliver vegetables anymore, he will deliver Kulkarni sarkar vegetables instead. Vendor agrees and leaves taking money. Anta and Panta take vegetable cart to Kulkarni. Kulkarni says he will create rift between two friends Keshav and Tatya and reminisces planning with Chihu tai. Anta gives him British government’s letter that an official is coming to visit Shirdi. Anta and Panta order Shirdi citizens to clean whole Shirdi taking leave from work for a day as British officer is coming for inspection and whoever denies will bear punishment. People discuss if they don’t work, how will they feed their family.

Sai passes by a house where a man pleads his wife not to leave him. Wife say she cannot live with him as he is very arrogant and fights a lot, he even fought with her relatives. Man says he is a poor carpenter and gets angry whenever he is out of work. Sai asks lady if she will stay back with her husband if he gets her husband’s anger away. Lady agrees. Sai asks man to get a wooden plank and a few nails and nail the plank reminiscing each time he got angry on someone.

He reminisces getting angry on his parents, relatives, friends, etc. Sai asks him to remove nail from his hand. Man angrily shouts if he had to pull back nails, why did Sai ask to nail them. Sai says even now he is getting angry on him. Man calms down and starts pulling out nail.

Shubangi returns home and is surprised to see Pari finishing all household chores herself and telling she will finish any remaining ones soon. She happily thinks of informing her brother that her daughter has become very competent now. Tara asks Pari how she draws such a beautiful pictures. Pari says by imagining in mind.

Man continues pulling out nail, and his anger calms down. He asks his wife calmly to get some water. Anta comes and shouts at him to go and clean streets. Man calmly says he will come later after pulling out nails.

Precap: Mere Sai 22 February 2019 Written Update Pari tells Sai if she could finish household chores early, she also would have helped cleaning village streets. Sai says even now she can do that by decorating streets.


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