Mere Sai 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

A man Chandu with his spouse walks to Dwarkamayi and requests Sai if he can stay in Dwarkamayi and assist Sai in begging as he and his spouse are very weak and get worn-out and sick with easy work. Sai says his arms are paining and he wishes timber to cook, so Chandu can reduce wooden from jungle and bring it. Chandu thinks he got here right here questioning Shirdi humans could be showering favors on Sai and he and his spouse can spend relaxation of lifestyles right here lavishly with out operating, but Sai is asking him to paintings, it is okay as it’s miles for best 1 day. Sai asks him to accompany him to jungle, he will show which wooden to reduce. At Keshav’s residence, Govinda takes tub earlier than going to highschool. Rukmini asks him to come out soon as he’s getting late. Chihu interferes and asks to bathe till he likes. Rukmini says Govinda likes gambling in water and will spend a lot of time. Chihu yells at her if she does now not understand her son nicely and alleges that she is attempting clutch her son from her. Rukmini walks away sadly. as soon as Govinda comes out, Chihu wipes his body and she or he gets him ready for school. Govinda receives satisfied and thinks if he had gone to highschool in advance, mother might have pampered him more. She takes Govinda to his room searching at Kulkarni and loudly says she will give him new clothes these days. Kulkarni smirks listening to that. Chihu searches new garments. Rukmini walks in and shows her new clothes. Chihu says she knew new clothes are in every other cabinet. She then serves food. Govinda shouts because of highly spiced meals. Chihu rushes to get water. Rukmini receives honey and feeds Govinda, says Chihu took spciay food organized for her rather. Kulkarni smirks once more listening to that and says he goes out for some work and will return by evening. Chihu then takes Govinda in and pushing out Rukmini locks door. Rukmini thinks Govinda is allergic to coconut oil. Chihu applies coconut oil on Govinda’s hair.

Sai takes Chandu to jungle. Chandu attempts to cut inexperienced tree. Sai stops him and says they must damage stay tree and need to search for useless and dry one. Chanduu thinks wherein will he discover dry tree on this sunny afternoon, he himself hit his foot on awl. He walks at the back of Sai and tries to reduce half of dry tree. Sai stops him and says this tree continues to be alive. Chandu says what distinction ti will make in the event that they reduce a stay tree among such a lot of. Sai says green tree will emit more smoke so that it will damage their health, in order that they have to hold on foot until they find dry tree. Chandu walks at the back of him angrily and steps his foot on a thorn. Sai receives concerned. Chandu asks him to retain strolling as they need to discover dry tree soon and take timber to prepare meals. He receives worn-out and his sweat falls on floor. Sai creates dry timber log from his sweat and suggests it to him. Chandu asks how did it come here, it was not right here a minute ago. Sai says he need to have no longer paid interest and asks to cut it into pieces.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai episode update: During class, Govinda scratches his head because of coconut oil hypersensitivity. Srikanth punishes him.


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