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Kulkarni hires Bhairav as bouncer/pehelwan to acquire debt from his loan defaulters. Bhairav thinks he wanted similar form of process where he can show his wrestling skills and thanks Kulkarni. Kulkarni asks him to return returned the next day morning after breakfast. Bhairav and his mother Kamla thank Kulkarni and stroll away. Anta asks Kulkarni why did he he lease a person who brutally trashed their goons. Kulkarni says when he can trash many goons at once, he’s sufficient to acquire mortgage and if he receives famous through wrestling, Kulkarni will be praised for finding any such gem wrestler. In Dwarkamayi, Moolchand brings jeweler and asks him to put together satisfactory crown for Sai that is maximum beautiful than Sai’s other disciple’s crowns. Jeweler takes Sai’s head dimension and says he’s going to put together crown in 2 days.

Moolchand says he pays him anything money he asks, however he ought to work simplest Sai’s crown with diamond and gem stones engraved in it, it must be most beautiful crown. Sai reminds if work is difficult, it’s going to take time and Moolchand’s gift ought to be better than Mhalsapati and Dilawar’s. Moolchand says he wishes most lovely crown for Sai and says it should be prepared via day after today morning and he can pay some thing quantity he wants. Jeweler concurs and leaves. Moolchand thinks now his gift may be equipped first and he’ll have a good time festival with Sai earlier than Dilawar and Mhalsapati. Sai asks him to be careful as work finished in a rush may additionally spoil. Mhalsapati is going to idol maker to get Ramji’s idol organized, however idol maker says he has taken different work and can not assist him. Mhalsapati says he had ordered before. Idol maker says he did not supply any advance cash, so he took other work and can’t help now. Mhalsapati walks away unfortunately. Moolchand’s assistant watches hiding. Dilawar with Abdul is going to potter and asks to prepare a thousand lamps. Potter says he is busy this week, if you want to go to some other potter. Moolchand’s assistant watches even there hiding and reminisces Moolchand ordering him to hire Shirdi’s all idol makers and potters and make sure to preserve them busy and now not allow Mhalsapati and Dilawar’s work accomplished.

Champa tells Sai that she is worried that Kulkarni may additionally harm Bhairav and his mother. Kamla wiht Bhairav enters and says Kulkarni is a pleasing guy as a substitute and employed Bhairav for gather debt from defaulters. They each thank Sai for his steerage. Sai asks Bhairav if he’s glad with his job now. Bhairav says yes. Sai indicates that Shirdi humans are innocent and type hearted and a person is unable to pay mortgage on time, he should now not be impolite to them like Kulkarni’s other goons. Bhairav assures that he will no longer be merciless. once he leaves, Kamla thinks now she should discover a female for Bhairav and seeing Champa thinks she may be first-class match for Bhairav as she has Sai blessings and has qualities she desired in her bahu, so she will pass and meet her dad and mom day after today. Sai smiles listening to her mind communicate.

Mhalsapati and Dilawar with different disciples go back lower back to Sai and describe how all idol makers and potters denied to paintings for them. Sai indicates them an vintage chicken nest on tree and one new one being constructed via fowl. He says bird laid eggs in vintage nest last time and now she is building new nest as she feels she wishes new one, further if nobody is helping them, they should learn to prepare idol and lamps themselves. Dialwar adn Mhalsapati agree and searching for Sai’s blessings. Mhalsapati, Dilawar and different disciples get busy getting ready idols and lamp. Moolchand’s assistant watches hiding and informs him. Keweler informs Moolchand that crown is sort of geared up and through the next day morning even treasured stones and gems could be engraved in it and it is going to be absolutely prepared. Moolchand laughs that villagers are losing time and he’ll win opposition easily. Rihanna and Parvathi carry food for Dialawar, Mhalsapati and other disciples and ask them to have meals and rest as they did now not sleep even at night time and are constantly running. Mhalsapati and Dilawar says they may be now not tired and have to prepare lamp and idol soon. Their discussion continues whilst Ganpat informs that Moolchand brought crown already. all of them rush to Dwarkamayi to check Moolchand’s delivered crown.

Moochland enters Dwarkamayi on his palanquin with music. Mhalsapati, Dilawar, and others stand sadly. Moolchand enjoys looking their sad face. His assistant says he already knowledgeable certainly one of disciple with a view to gather and recognize no person can win over Moolchand. Moolchand says he did proper, he enjoys seeing loser’s face. Sai notices silently. Moolchand walks to Sai and says his jeweler prepared crown already and he gained, so let him present his crown. Sai takes his seat. Moolchand suggests crown and says he won competition, he feels unhappy for other disciples who misplaced even after operating so tough. He continues his scoffs. Sai says crown need to be secure additionally. Mooolchand says let us attempt to continues it on Sai’s head, receives tensed seeing it small and angrily looks at jeweler. Jeweler thihnks how can it manifest. Sai smiles. Moolchand tries again and scolds why crown is small. Jeweler says he took measurement and never failed in his life once more. Moolchand says he will not pay him a penny. Jeweler pleads now not to say that as he poured in all his profits in making this crown and to provide him one greater danger. Assistant suggests Moolchand that there may be no damage in giving him one extra chance. Jeweler takes size and thinks he made crown of equal size, then what is going on.

Precap: Mhalsapati worriedly says Sai that to win competition, he desires Ramji’s idol, but nobody is helping him put together one. Sai says he should begin once more, who is aware of a person can also help him.


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