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Mhalsapati readies Ramji’s deity with Sai’s assistance. Toward the beginning of the day, Srikanth and Ranoji meet him and are astonished to see god’s venerated image. Parvathi says Mhalsapati set it up in rest and she accepted when she saw it. Mhalsapati says he just recollects Sai coming his fantasy, so Sai helped him get ready symbol. Srikanth says let us go to dwarkamayi now as even Dilawar bhai has arranged 1000 lights and his making a beeline for dwarkamayi. They all head towards dwarkamayi, Dilawar with his group goes along with them. Moolchand with brilliant crown additionally surges with his group and keeps running before them. Mhalsapati slips and says it is smarter to lose than drop Ramji’s deity. Dilawar additionally says it is smarter to go late than breaking lights. In dwarkamayi, Jhipri asks Sai when will Mhalsapati and Dilawar come.

Sai says her pause is finished. Moolchand comes running with crown and asks Sai to acknowledge crown and articulate him victor Mhalsapati and Dilawar accompany their groups straightaway and stand tragically. Moolchand fixes crown on Sai’s head and thinks that its free. He admonishes gem dealer. Sai says slip-up can occur by anybody. He asks Mhalsapati to show is readied icon. Mhalsapati does and everybody are stunned to see such a lovely symbol. Sai then asks Dilawar to exhibit his readied lights. Dilawar presents 1001 lights he made and says 1001 is a promising number. Sai says since Mhalsapati and Dilawar brought their endowments on the double, the two of them are champs and ought to observe Urs and Ram Navami celebration together. The two of them concur. Jewler praises them. Moolchand charges that Mhalsapati and Dilawar paid off gem dealer and influenced him to lose. Dilawar cautions he doesn’t do anything incorrectly. Gem dealer says he didn’t accept kickbacks. Sai discloses to Mhalsapati that he himself let one know can go to any degree to win. Moolchand says however Mhalsapati and Dilawar won, he will show his most valuable brilliant crown to Sai and takes estimation once more. Dilawar says he will set up tent at one side and improve entire Shirdi with blossoms. Mhalsapati says he will request that ladies plan prasad and kids to wear new garments, they will observe Urs and Ram navami celebration together. Champa’s folks enter with her and mother says she has greater news than theirs, they fixed Champa’s union with Bhairav. Everybody praise them.

Srikanth with others notes down things like blooms, desserts, sandalwood glue, and so forth., required for Urs and celebration and leaves saying he will return home and come back to go with them to showcase. Moolchand hears that and orders his collaborator to purchase entire market, he will see h ow Mhalsapati and Dilawar commend smash navami and urs. Srikanth achieves home where Chihu tai requests that he have sustenance first. He says he doesn’t have time as he needs to go to advertise in the wake of sprucing up and will have something in market. Chihu says outside sustenance is unfortunate. Govinda snickers and says aayi is critizing outside nourishment today. Sai comes asking. Chihu welcomes him and says she got back her family on account of Sai, so he ought to have sustenance with them today and even clarify instructor/Srikanth to have nourishment and go as he will remain out for a long. Sai says Chihu tai is correct and reminds Srikanth their first gathering where Sai says one can’t do without yearning and thirst. Srikanth state he recalls and consents to have sustenance.

Srikanth, Dilawar, Mhalsapati and others go to market to purchase blooms, desserts, and so forth, however discover all shops vacant. Whenever addressed, businessperson says somebody purchased entire market. Dilawar asks who was it. Businessperson says they were taking Moolchand’s name. Dilawar vapor that he knew Moolchand is behind every one of the episodes. They all disclose their trial to Sai. Sai says they can utilize stones and leaves rather than blossoms and sandalwood as god remains in entire universe. They all range dwarkamayi and mastermind their things. Moolchand enters with his group and discloses to Sai he brought crown and all things required for festivity and shows blooms, desserts, and so forth. Sai requests that he take a gander at them indeed. Moolchand is stunned to see brilliant crown transforming into thistle crown and blooms, desserts transforming into stones and fiery remains. Everybody state it is brilliant crown and blossoms, and so forth. Moolchand says he can see just thistles. Sai asks Mhalsapati and Dilawar to bring their stone and leaf sacks. They convey sacks and are flabbergasted to see blossoms , desserts, and so forth., in packs. They express gratitude toward Sai for his endowments.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai Episode Update: Hindu and muslims together observe Ram Navami celebration and Urs. Dilawar discloses to Sai that he will leave now. Sai wishes him to remain for some more days as one more festival will begin soon.


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