Mere Sai 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Hirelings bring fan. Vaibhav attempts to shoo away flies with fan, however comes up short; supposes he has everything with Sai’s favors yet can’t finish a straightforward undertaking. He at that point picks kindling, passes it over with water, and spreads fire around to shoo away flies. Flies escape, yet Vaibhav begins hacking and apologizes Sai for bombing in basic undertaking. Sai says this shows him how to be unassuming to other people and treat create graciousness in his tendency. Vaibhav apologizes and asks what he ought to do now. Sai gives him kheer utensil and requests to offer it in sanctuary.

Sadashiv performs pooja and requests that followers come in que and get prasad. Adies illuminate him that prasad amount is less and they can’t bolster all pupils. Sadashiv reproves them for not advising him already and requests to educate his better half Sunanda to plan something and send soon. They illuminate Sunanda who races to get ready khichdi. Yamuna offers assistance, yet Sunanda says she will oversee. Sadashiv apprehensively hangs tight for prasad and seeing Patil strolling for prasad supposes he had offended Patil and now he will get an opportunity to affront him. He reveals to Patil that prasad is finished. Patil says it is alright. Vaibhav enters and offers kheer prasad. Sadashiv performs pooja and serves prasad to Patil and remaining followers.

Sunananda with assistants and Yamuna races to sanctuary and apologizes Sadashiv for arriving behind schedule. Sadashiv shouts at her that on account of her, he would have been offended, however god favors him thus he sent prasad by means of a follower. Sunanda cries and apologizes while Sadashiv keeps shouting and accusing her. Yamuna says she doesn’t need to apologize as it isn’t her deficiency.

Precap: Sai reveals to Sunanda that anybody can commit error, Sunanda says not her significant other. Sai inquires as to whether she will quit accusing herself if her better half completes a slip-up. Sunananda says that day will never come.


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