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All Shirdi citizens clean roads. Anta and Panta threaten people to hurry up and don’t spare even senior citizens. Tatya confronts them and warns to behave with elders, if Keshav would have been here, he would have felt bad. Baizaa tells Sai that Tatya is right, they cannot misbehave with elders. Sai tells Kulkarni’s way may be wrong, but he did right by starting cleaning spree in Shirdi, it is each citizen’s duty to keep their village clean.

Mere Sai 25th February 2019

Anta and Panta think Sai is trying to take credit and yell at Sai that he must be thinking he can escape from working, even he has to work and work harder than others. Sai smiles and starts brooming floor saying as they wish. He carries garbage in basket when Anta pushes him and yells again. Sai picks back garbage smilingly.

Mere Sai 25th February

Sai then picks water to clean, but Anta and Panta kick it down. Tatya gets angry seeing them misbehaving with Sai and reacts, but Sai calmly says it is okay and continues working. Children also get busy in picking dry leaves and stones on the way. Tara also does and starts sneezing due to dust allergy. Shubhangi walks to her and asks to cover her nose. Anta and Panta see that and yell at them to get back to work. They then see Govinda and ask why is he working.

Mere Sai 25 February

Govinda says they themselves told that all Shirdi citizens should work, even he is Shirdi citizen like everyone, though Anta Panta don’t consider themselves as Shirdi citizens. Everyone laugh silently. Sai asks Tara to play with children. Tara says she never played with children before. After cleaning, Anta and Panta warn everyone not to throw dirt on streets.

Mere Sai 25th February

Shubhangi returns home and sees Pari finishing all household chores beforehand and telling she will finish if anything is left. She gets happy seeing changed Pari. On the other side, carpenter meets Sai and says he did half of his work. Sai asks to finish rest and meet him in Dwarkamayi. Carpenter returns and says he could not pull a few nails even after trying his best. Sai asks what he looks in wooden plank. Sai asks what else. Carpenter thinks what saying is trying to explain again. Sai smiles.

Precap: Mere Sai 25 February 2019 Written Update Shubangi tries to hit Pari with stick, Sai stops her. Shubhangi yells that Pari forgot everything, now he will not meet Pari again.


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