Mere Sai 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sadashiv yells at Sunanda that she spoilt her fitness just by using arranging pooja items and she couldn’t even put together second prasad on time, so he himself will make arrangements from tomorrow and she can rest. Sunanda asks how will he manage it alone. He says much like he used to earlier than marriage and does now not allow her communicate. At night, Sunanda tells Yamuna that she must no longer have lied to her husband, now she will be able to go to hell for failing in her venture and even lying to her husband. Yamuna says she lied rather to defend Sunanda and Sai informed god loves everybody, so god will no longer send her to hell. Sunanda says her husband is a complete guy and she or he is confident he’s going to now not do any mistake.

Early morning, Sadashiv wakes up and starts pooja arrangements. Sunanda offers her assist, however as standard overpride Sadashiv says he will manage. Sunanda sees he did now not get plants and reminds him. He rushes to lawn and receives flowers with Sunanda’s assist. He then starts weaving garland and asks Sunanda how she does it so effortlessly. She says its years of exercise and asks to let her do it. He asks if she thinks he’s incapable and begins weaving garland. Sunanda reminds it’s miles already morning. He says permit is be. Aide comes to take prasad and pooja objects and reminds Sadashiv it is time to open temple. Sadashiv scolds him to move and easy temple, he’ll attain quickly. In temple, some other eagerly waits for his colleague. Aide reaches and informs what Sadashiv advised. Sadashiv nervously prepares pooja objects while aide returns and says its already sunrise and disciples begin coming to temple. Sadashiv alternatives pooja objects and rushes towards temple even as Sunanda silently watches standing apart.

On the opposite aspect, Chandresh’s brother Mohit asks him blanket. Chandresh says Sai took blanket. Sai brings wet blanket saying he saw it grimy, so he washed it. Mohit asks how will he spend night time without blanket. Sai says much like Chandresh does. Mohit says Chandresh is young and might endure bloodless, but he cannot. Sai says he has to sleep with this moist blanket. Mohit accepts blanket fuming at Chandresh. subsequent morning, Mohit tries to milk cow whilst Chandresh feeds it. Sai enters and says he ought to now not disturb cow at the same time as she is feeding, else it’s going to get irritated. Mohit says cow isn’t always egocentric like humans and attempts to take advantage of cow when cows kicks him repeatedly. He walks away yelling nowadays is a awful day, now he has to shop for milk from marketplace. Sai tells Chandresh it is Mohit’s turn now to experience difficulties.

Precap: Sadashiv burns camphor on his palm announcing he has to repent for his sins at the same time as Sunanda and Yamuna plead now not to harm himself.


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