Mere Sai 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yamuna takes Sunanda towards home. Sunanda frenzies saying she completed a major sin and will be tossed in hellfire. Her condition exacerbates. Yamuna takes her to Dwaarkamayi where Sai blows fiery remains over her face and treats her. She awakens. Yamuna inquires as to whether she is fine. She says truly, she generally sets aside some effort to recover, however by one way or another she recovered quickly. She sees Sai and inquires as to whether he helped her, her better half does not need her to address him. Yamuna says Sadashiv has misjudged Sai not realizing him well. Sai asks Sunanda what is she stressed over. Yamuna says Sadashiv reviled Sunanda that she did sin and will be tossed into damnation. In sanctuary, Sadashiv’s helper requests that what do with khichdi. Sadashiv requests to circulate among poor and thinks Sunanda is doing botch since the ages.

In Dwarkamayi, Yamuna says even she felt awful when Sadashiv chided Sunanda. Sunanda says her significant other is correct she generally does botches. Sai says she need not apologize as there is nobody on the planet who has not done error throughout everyday life, every individual is in charge of their great deeds and sins and others can’t support them, she additionally can do what her better half does. Sundanand says her better half is immaculate and does not do any slip-up throughout everyday life. Sai inquires as to whether she will quit feeling remorseful if her significant other completes an error. She says it won’t occur by any stretch of the imagination. She achieves home with Yamuna where Sadashiv asks where she had been. She says she felt sick once more. Yamuna lies that she held kaki under tree and nourished her water, and once her condition balanced out, she brought her home. Sadashiv says she did well and makes Sunanda rest.

A man Chandru comes to meet Sai and depicts his concern that his dad left him and his sibling a sweeping, cow, and mango tree and before passing on requested to share similarly among them; his sibling shrewdly requested that he utilize cover during day and himself will utilize it around evening time, utilize cow’s front part and himself will use back part, use mango tree’s lower gathering and himself will utilize its upper part; presently he shudders during the evening while his sibling uses cover, harvests mangoes and utilizations bovine milk. Sai requests that his sweeping wash. He inquires as to why Sai needs to wash his cover as opposed to taking care of his concern.

Precap: Sadashiv solicits Sunanda what part from pooja he can’t do, does botch and asks god to support him.


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