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Sai creates dry timber go online Chandu’s sweat. Chandu is amazed to see log and says it was no longer there before. Sai says he have to have ignored it and asks him to reduce it into pieces and acquire timber. He then publications Chandu reduce log and gather wood, then asks him to boost it and stroll returned to Dwarkamayi with him. They attain dwarkayami. Chandu’s spouse sees him attempted and asks if he hungry. He says very much. She says even she is. Baizamaa brings food for Sai. Sai says he become very hungry and takes plate. Chandu receives indignant and yells at Sai that everyone instructed he could be very kind hearted and stocks the whole lot with different, but himself is having meals on my own in place of sharing. Sai says he isn’t answerable for their food, they wanted to stay in Dwarkamayi and he allowed them. Chandu yells he made him paintings hard and get wooden from jungle, within that point he would have begged and were given food for himself and his wife; he idea Sai might percentage his begging with him. Sai says whilst he is going for begging, he’s going to percentage one 10th with them.

Govinda is going to highschool. His buddies ask why did no longer he attend college yesterday. Govinda says he turned into irritated the previous day, so he did now not attend college. all of them chat that they may be very glad seeing their college restart again. Shrikanth entes and warns him to keep subject. He appears at Govinda and thinks Govinda need to be maximum mischievous scholar right here, so he has to be strict on Govinda. He then indicates a long list of regulations to observe in his magnificence. Pari enters overdue and asks if she can come in. Shrikanth says he does now not like past due comers in his magnificence. Pari says her mom gave extra work, so she got here late. Shrikanth yells whatever it’s miles, she can not attend class nowadays and might come the following day. Pari walks away alas. Shrikanth continues explaining regulations. Govinda scratches his head because of coconut oil hypersensitivity. Shrikanth punishes Govinda and sends him out to stand taking walks below solar.

Chandu fumes extra seeing Sai playing meals and says he introduced wood, so he’s going to promote it and get higher meals for his spouse. He walks away. Sai asks Chandu’s wife to come back and feature food. She shouts she does now not need it as he insult her and her husband. Sai says that is her last begged meals, so she have to have it. Chandu tries to promote timber on avenue and no one buys it. A lady suggests him to sell timber going to each house. Chandu does same and gets glad seeing himself earning plenty of cash.

Govinda’s ft burn standing under sun and he pleads instructor Shrikanth to permit him in. Shrikanth says why did he scratch his head like a monkey and taunted him, he deserves this punishment. Govinda maintains scratching his head and falls down not able to bear heat. Sai passes with the aid of and seeing Govinda’s circumstance rushes for his assist. Shrikanth sees that and yells at Sai to dare no longer intervene in his college. Sai says Govinda is struggling and desires immediately medical interest, lifts Govinda and attempts to walk away forcefully when Anta and Panta input and yelling at Sai take Govinda with them at the same time as Shrikanth maintains yelling they cannot intrude in his punishment. At home, Rukmini gets worried seeing Govinda’s blistered feet and scratching head and realizes it’s far due to Chihu’s coconut oil application. She gets natural paste to use it on Govinda’s ft. Chihu yells at her to allow her serve her son and snatches paste from her. She locks door and warns Anta Panta now not to tell Kulkarni about it as he thinks she can’t cope with her son. Govinda hears that and gets disheartened thinking his mom was just acting as looking after him. Chihu returns and keeps her drama.

Chandu after making a living thinks now he can display Sai that he does not need his assist and walking to Dwarkamayi throws money in the front of Sai.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai episode update: Govinda’s itching increases. Sai blows ash in Dwarkayami and cures Govinda.


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