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Kamla fumes in front of Champa that her residence, family, life-style is all better than Shailesh’s mother. Champa says when she is aware of, why she is bothered. Kamla continues fuming. Sai walks to Champa. Champa asks Sai to give an explanation for aayi/Kamla. Kamla continues venting out her anger. Sai says let us meet someone and takes them to a boy named Bhola, says he explained his problem before and if he can provide an explanation for it to Kamla kaaki now. Bhola says earlier he became very thin and desired to gain weight, so while he sought Sai and others’ assist, all of them recommended to have nutritious food, but he became eager and took vadiya’s help who gave him herbs with which he benefit excess weight and fat round his belly which does now not fade away in spite of lots of exercising; now he repents for his mistake. Sai says one ought to by no means cross in opposition to nature. Kamla says she understood what he approach. Champa says Aayi praised her in the front of different women, so they badmouthed in opposition to aayi. Sai shows Kamla to never forestall praising her bahu. Champa says she will be able to by no means forestall as Champa is like her daughter.

Kulkarni is busy singing and Anta/Panta paying attention to his track when Bhairav walks in and says he gathered debt from all mortgage defaulters and did not should use his energy. Anta and Panta yell if he does now not understand not to disturb sarkar whilst his singing. Kulkarni stops singing and orders Anta Panta to get rid of bulls from bullock cart and asks Bhairav to pull cart around his house. Bhairav tries to speak, but Kulkarni warns him to shut up. Anta and Panta dispose of bulls from grocery stuffed cart. Bhairav pulls cart with exquisite difficulty. Anta, Panta, and clerk stand amazed seeing his muscle electricity. Kulkarni happily claps and asks Bhairav to walk in, says he turned into trying out his muscle energy; he isn’t always the usage of strength to accumulate mortgage, so he wanted to check his muscle energy; he wanted to research wrestling while he got here here, so he is organizing wrestling competition in Shirdi and needs Bhairav to symbolize Shirdi. Bhairav thank you him. Kulkarni says he wishes to participate with alongside with his process and might even now not be able to go back domestic till opposition. Bhairav says hew as waiting when you consider that years for at the moment and will now not let him down. as soon as he leaves, Anta and Panta ask how can he trust a newcomer boy. Kulkarni says he will accumulate costs from all the wrestlers and will earn a whole lot of cash, wrestlers family and buddies may even accompany him; there will be masses of commercial enterprise possibilities to Shirdi businessmen; even British government will suppose that Kulkarni sarkar cares for Shridi’s development.

a person walks to Sai and introducing himself as Birju says he is not able to take a decision, so he came to are searching for Sai’s assist. Sai asks what is his confusion. Birju says he has a daughter for whom he got four alliances; 1st boy works in Mumbai and her daughter is may be properly settled, 2d boy’s family is nicely cultured and they will keep his daughter third boy could be very wealthy and her daughter will live a lavish lifestyles; 4th boy is properly knowledgeable and is jobless, however his daughter likes educated people and wants to marry this boy; he wants Sai to assist decided on 1 boy. Sai asks him to carry all 4 to Dwarkamayi. Birji says how can he carry all 4 without delay, however he’ll carry as he wishes a pleasant boy for her daughter. Sai asks to ship a reflect before he brings boys. Birju has the same opinion and leaves.

Kamla with Champa returns home and seeing door opened gets involved that a person barged in. She rushes in and seeing Bhairav asks if he did no longer go to paintings or if sarkar kicked him out, she will pass and apologize sarkar. Bhairav says sarkar is organizing wrestling competition in Shirdi and has selected him to symbolize Shirdi, Sarkar thinks considering that his childless, he can listen nicely on wrestling exercise. Kamla receives involved. Champa asks her to now not pay heed to people’s baseless talks. Kamla says girls and even guys are gossiping about it. Champa says Sai suggested now not to be in a hurry. Kamla says what if there’s some defect in champa, so she will take her to nearby village’s vaidya and get her examined, and if she has any disorder, she may be treated without everyone’s word. Champa says Sai instructed they ought to be pass in opposition to nature. Kamla asks if she will be able to now not satisfy her want. Champa is of the same opinion.

Birju brings all four boys and introduces them as Sudanshu wwho works in Mumbai, Arpit whose dad and mom are nicely cultured, Gautam whose dad and mom are very wealthy, Mohan who is properly educated from Mumbai and is jobless now. Sai greets all 4 boys. Sudanshu asks why did he bring them here. Sai says Birju is a girl’s father and wants to realize who is great fit for his daughter. Birju receives worried that Sai informed the whole lot, what’s going to he do now.

Kamla takes Champa to vaidya who assessments her and says bahu has pitta dosh and he or she can get nicely soon along with his treatment, she needs to live far from the food he notes down. Kamla is of the same opinion. Vaidya lits gadgets on paper and palms over to Champa. Champa says he might have without delay instructed she need to no longer eat something. Vaidya says if she wants to end up mother, she has to comply with his advice. Kamla apologizes him and says she will be able to take her bahu’s responsibility. Vaidya offers natural concoction made from Himalayan herb and asks to drink it once a day. Champa thinks it is stinking, how will she drink it.

Sudanshu walks away yelling he will now not compete with those three boys and walks away. other 3 say they may now not move and are ready for opposition, they want to recognise how Sai will test them. Sai says via this mirror so that you can display their authentic identification. all of them agree. Sai asks who desires to see their authentic identification first.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai Episode Update: Kamla forces Champa to drink herbal concoction and bathe early morning with bloodless water. Sai notices Champa’s circumstance and receives irritated


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