Mere Sai 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

A exertions boy cries in the front of Sai that his proprietor is making him paintings tough and paying him very less. Sai asks why don’t he alternate his activity. Boy says he did and new owner knowing approximately his remaining pay presented him even much less pay, so he does not have any desire, it’s far his terrible religion. Sai says one must maintain on trying, they will prevail for positive. Boy cries that wealthy always misuse negative. Sai takes him near tree and indicates him ants mountain climbing in a room on bark. Boy says he has visible it earlier than, what’s unique in it. Sai sasy he must recognize their determination. Ant falls down and bird takes it away. Boy says even ant don’t have much determination.

Pari paints god’s photo on wall. Shirdi citizens get satisfied seeing it. Kulkarni passes by means of on his palanquin praising that he did no longer see this sort of smooth Shirdi in his lifestyles. He sees humans accumulating, walks closer to them, and angrily shouts at Pari why did she break wall with god’s portray, whose lady is that this. Pari’s father comes in the front.

Sai tells boy that he is like ant or even ant’s time changes whilst bird dies. Boy asks what will manifest. Sai says ants will eat hen’s useless body and entire a cycle of existence; similalry by means of will no longer be secure like he is today. He alternatives a tree stem and says it turned into clean to pluck it as it’s far vulnerable these days, but when it grows strong, it’ll be very tough to break it. He sows stem returned and it turns into massive tree. Boy is shocked to look that, tree turns lower back to stem. Sai says even he may be strong and his situation will change quickly. Sai offers medication for boy’s mother and asks him in no way to lose desire. He then gives moral gyaan that a lifestyles cycle usually repeats and in the event that they turn out to be more potent, they need to be humble and not get boastful.

Pari’s father tells Kulkarni she is his daughter. Kulkarni keeps yelling that his daughter spoilt wall, so he has to pay for the painting. Father asks howmuch he has to pay and picks cash bag. greedy Kulkarni snatches bag and says he’s sparing him with this plenty cash. Father pleads that it’s miles his complete earning, Kulkarni is looting him. Kulkarni angrily walks away with cash. Pari returns home along with her father and uncle Vishwas Rao who yells in the front of Shubangi that her husband lost his whole incomes due to Pari and Pari is greater darker than before, if she did not observe natural paste; Shubhangi may even face hassle like their dad and mom did to get her married and Pari may be a burden on her. Father says his daughter is by no means a burden for him. Shubhangi choices stick and caution husband no longer to intrude tries to hit Pari. Sai holds stick.

Precap: Shubhangi warns him no longer to satisfy Pari from nowadays. Sai attempts to leavce, and Pari holds his hand.


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