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Chandu throws money in the front of Sai. Sai asks what’s this. Chandu says he is giving him hire to live in his dwarkamay this night, he’ll vacate his dwarkamayi the next day. He excitedly indicates food to his spouse and says he delivered all this for her as he is aware of she is hungry when you consider that morning, he would have come early but took time in selling timber and incomes and train this Sai a lesson as Sai changed his words and is a faux saint. Sai smiles listening to that. wife feeds Chandu and says she already had meals which Sai gave. Chandu yells at Sai why did now not he supply meals to him then. wife reminisces Sai telling her that she does not to beg and desires to be called a beggars, she desires to existence a honorable existence, however Chandu wants to spend a beggar’s existence, today her husband will sense leg pain, but it will clear up their hassle for romance. Out of flashback, Chandu feeling apologetic cries that Sai changed into displaying him a manner of life, however he misunderstood Sai. He keeps crying and says he noticed his grandfather and father begging given that formative years or even he lived a beggar’s existence; whilst his spouse desired to steer a dignified life, he eard about Sai who allows every person, so he got here pay attention to lead a non violent existence without beggging. He says he does now not need to thank Sai and reduce Sai’s stature as his assistance is giving him a brand new life.

Sai says he desires to supply him one greater thing and selecting ash from fire range makes its paste and applies it on Chandu’s feet accidents. On the alternative facet, Govinda while being implemented natural paste on his ft accidents thinks of Chichu’s words. Sai’s remedy cures Chandu’s injures or even Govinda’s. Govinda thinks why is he feeling so cool in his toes. Sai then selections ash and blows it away. Ash reaches Govinda’s room and treatment options Govinda’s scalp allergic reaction. Govinda stops scratching his scalp and falls asleep. Sai offers ethical gyaan to Chandu that self-appreciate is earned by using difficult paintings and he have to no longer forget about it. Chandu says he will never neglect his advice. Sai returns Chandu’s cash and says he ought to maintain it as it is his first incomes. Chandu emotionally takes it.

subsequent morning, Chihu asks Govinda to allow her assist him get geared up for faculty and prepare his lunchbox. Govinda says he will get equipped himself and will take lunchbox from Rukmini Mamiji. Chihu thinks what took place to him. Govinda thinks maa is acting as looking after him to reveal it to Mamaji. He gets ready for school. Chihu offers him lunchbox. He says he’s going to take it from maamiji. Chihu says mamiji organized this lunchbox. Govinda exams and says it has mooli sabji and maamiji is aware of he does no longer like mooli. He throws lunchbox. Kulkarni enters and picks lunchbox. Chihu slaps Govinda for throwing her prepared meals and alleges Rukmini might have made him arrogant. He warns not to allege mamiji. Chihu says he’s going to go to high school with out lunch these days. Rukmini hears that and pleads not to do that as Govinda gets hungry via afternoon. Chihu shouts no longer to intefere among mother and daughter.

Sai is going for begging. A lady says he got here early today, she was preparing modak/sweet dumpling and will deliver it in Dwarkamayi as soon as its organized. Sai asks to give him 1 uncooked modak. Ladly brings a few. Sai takes only 1. On the alternative facet, a lady sits crying in her residence’s garden. Her son comes and asks while will baba/father come. girl says he’ll come after a week. He insists to fulfill baba right now. woman slaps him and sends in. Sai walks to her. She says her husband died per week ago and the way to explain her son that he will not go back, she does now not know how will she lead a existence without her husband’s support. Sai asks her to offer an anion and a potato. woman does. Sai asks to mild range now. female asks what’s he doing. He asks to have patience.

Govinda angrily throws stone at a wal. Srikanth sees him and asks if the day prior to this’s punishment turned into now not enough that he’s doing mischief again, he will no longer spare him even if he is Kulkarni’s nephew.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai episode update: Srikanth sees no students in his magnificence and asks in which all of them went.Panta provokes him in opposition to Sai and says Sai ought to have taken kids away.


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