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Kulkarni drags Rukmini and locks door when she pleads Sai to save her son. She watches from window and via telepathy asks Sai to cure her son. Sai suggests her to have some patience and trust. He returns to Dwarkamayi where farmer’s son walks to him with pot and says his given neem plant was eaten by a goat while he was asleep. Farmer scolds that is why he told he should have planted it before sleeping. Son blames that a goat ate his future and his father is scolding him instead. Sai asks son to bring kulhad/water glass as he is feeling hungry. Son brings. Sai overfills kulhad and scolds him that he brought damaged kulhad. Son says kulhad is fine, Sai overfilled water. Sai smiles and says that is what his father tried to explain him, he is very lazy. He chants a sansrit sloka regarding laziness and explains that laziness is the biggest enemy of human and hard work is his biggest friend; dreaming is good, but without action it is waste; one needs to work hard and then expect for results, he should work hard first and then dream. Son realizes his mistake and promises Sai to work hard and then fulfill his dreams.

Kulkarni closes all doors and gives herbal medicine to Keshav, but his condition doesn’t improve. Rukmini asks why has he closed all windows and door while Keshav needs fresh air. Kulkarni yells if she has gone mad, if people find out that he is unable to treat even his son, they will not trust him at all. Rukmini requests Sai for help. In dwarkamayi, Chihu invites Sai to come and have food. Sai walks away saying he needs him. Keshav’s condition deteriorates more. Rukmini pleads to do something or take someone’s help. Kulkarni shouts that nobody will help them and epidemic rehabilitation camp is like a suicide camp as patients go there to die. Rukmini say Sai can help them as she heard Govinda is getting well. Kulkarni angrily strangulates her and shouts that she is asking him to take his biggest enemy’s help and has crossed her limits. Rukmini says she can go to any extent to save her son. Kulkarni warns that taking help from Sai means becoming Sai’s slave forever, he would rather let Keshav die than bending in front of Sai. Rukmini says she will go to Dwarkamayi then. Kulkarni shouts that he will disown her and she doesn’t have her own identity except as his wife. Rukmini reminisces Kulkarni’s tortures before and kid Keshav pleading him to spare his mother, Sai’s divine powers, etc.

Sai opens door, and Rukmini pleads to save Keshav as his condition is very severe. Kulkarni points gun at Sai and warns him to dare not enter his house and his son doesn’t need Sai’s black magic. Sai asks if he will kill his own wife and son to satisfy his ego. Kulkarni shouts because of him Shirdi is secluded and he cannot get any medicines from outside. Sai requests to let him treat his son. Kulkarni shouts his son doesn’t need his help. Saii imagines wheat grain from a wheat farm as solution to treat epidemic. He says Keshav needs his father’s magic, he should sacrifice his ego and give him 1 grain of wheat, Keshav will feel his father loves him and will get a motivation to fight with his illness. Kulkarni shouts to get out of here, he will not get any grain; he will not get even a dust of this house. Keshav walks out hearing Sai’s voice. Rukmini tries to rush to him, but Kulkarni warns her not to move and holding Keshav asks him to rest. Keshav says he wants to meet Sai. Rukmini gets 1 grain of wheat and hands it over to Sai asking if this will cure Keshav. Sai takes grain and both his and Rukmini’s palms glow. Sai walks away holding wheat grain. Keshav writhes in severe pain and calls maa. Rukmini rushes to him and touches his forehead with her palm and even Keshav’s forehead glow. Kulkarni fumes that Rukmini never disobeyed him, but today she can go to any extent. Sai looking at wheat grain thinks he got an answer today and thanks god.

Precap: Sai asks wheat grain as charity from Ranoiji. Ranoji informs everyone that he saw satisfaction Sai’s face. Baiza maa says they all should watch Sai’s magic.


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