Mere Sai 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update
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Mere Sai 28th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai throws a Muslim boy Shabbir cash. Shabbir yells that he laboured hard for those 25 paise, alternatives coins and cleans them together with his headband. Sai picks cash and reminisces throwing it away while the boy gave it last time. He seems at timber range, ash clears and he unearths a coin in it. He picks that coin reminiscing losing that coin in stove himself. He then tells Shamsher that his son has learnt to value cash; a final time when I threw it, Shabbir did no longer hassle as it becomes his father’s 1 rupee, now he is valuing his tough earned 25 paise. He returns 1 rupee to Shabbir. Shabbir says it’s for his father’s money, returns it to his father and says now he understood what his father desired to provide an explanation for him, he will obey his father continually now. He emotionally hugs his father. father and mother cry joyfully.

Atma Ram asks Pari to have food and want now not worry as he lost money and isn’t always bothered if it is for his daughter. Pari says she will have it. He walks inner house. Pari thinks she should have Shivratri fasting to clean her mother’s ordeals. Vishwas Rao consoles Shubhangi to simply obey her and permit him to teach Pari. Shubhangi says she does no longer recognise what to do. Vishwas Rao asks to depart Pari in his house for 1 year, he’ll train her like Tara. Shubhangi says Pari’s father will never agree. Vishwas Rao says that is the hassle in her, she is too obedient to her husband and has to be tough for Pari’s higher future. Shubhangi reminisces Pari’s love for her and thinks she can’t stay without Pari, the reminisces associates criticizing Pari’s darkish shade.

Sai is busy moulding soil when Abdul walks in and asks holy ash as his neighbour is having the fever, sees him shaping soil and asks what is the moulding. Sai says shivling, who knows someone may need it.

Tara thinks if Pari remains with her father Vishwas Rao, she will become like her and he or she can’t Pari emerge as a wishless puppet. once Shubhangi sleeps, she wakes up Pari and informs her what elders have been discussing. Pari thinks she cannot live with Mamaji for 1 yr and runs towards Dwarkamayi. Sai senses it and walks towards her path. Pari collapses. Sai alternatives her. subsequent morning, Baiza and Aaji get prepared to visit the temple for pageant pooja. Jhiupri walks to Dwarkamayi and not locating him thinks he went out earlier than sunrise. At shubhangi’s house, Vishwas Rao asks Shubangi to think of his plan. Tara does now not discover Pari and thinks wherein she must have long gone. Atma Ram additionally receives concerned. Shubhangi blames Pari as regular and yells at her husband that Pari is spoilt because of him.

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Precap: Sai offers guava to Pari. Pari says she has saved Shivratri rapid and cannot consume anything.


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