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Chihu wakes up Govinda within the morning scolding him. Govinda asks now not to trouble her. She warns she can be terrible if he does not arise. He shouts she can not be extra awful than this and runs to lavatory. Kulkarni hearing that smirks. Chihu angrily shuts door on Rukmini. Rukmini thinks things are going out of control. Sai sees all faculty students taking walks to Dwarkamayi and asks why did now not they go to school. they are saying they may be afraid of teacher and fear he’ll punish them again. Sai tells them Jarasand and Krishna’s tale describing how Jarasand shot arrow on Krishna’s leg questioning it as deer and after understanding about his mistake apologized Krishna and changed into forgiven, so moral of the tale is everybody does mistakes, however they need to constantly are searching for forgiveness. students complain that they’re punished due to Govinda’s mistake, he is very terrible and they may now not mingle with him again. Udhav says just because of one mistake, they can not sideline their pal. Pari says Govinda is a superb boy and he gave his financial savings to her to shop for birds and loose them. Sai says they ought to not sideline someone for their one bad fine, they may be having many good qualities them, they must be with Govinda and help him correct his mistake instead.

Govinda walks closer to faculty on my own. Pari and different buddies prevent him and ask why he is going alone. He says he notion they may be angry on him after the day gone by’s mistake and they have been punished due to him. Pari says overlook it and let us assume the way to tackle instructor. Udhav says allow us to present sweet to trainer. Govinda says teacher punished topic brutally the previous day and does now not deserve any chocolates. youngsters say even then they will and on foot to candy shop ask price of jalebi. supplier says 15 paise for half kg. They cross aside to collect money. Govinda sees proprietor scolding worker for retaining stale jalebis with clean ones and orders to throw them before any patron complains. employee throws stale jalebis in dustbin. Govinda alternatives them and packs them in a candy container. Pari and friends speak they might acquire handiest 7 paise. Govinda says he already sold jalebis. Pari says he turned into opposing earlier than. Govinda says he modified his thoughts. They attain school and inform instructor that Govinda were given jalebis for him. Srikanth says he wants them to observe field. Govinda requests trainer to have it and emotionally blackmails that he’ll suppose trainer did no longer forgive him yet. Srikanth takes jalebi container and bites one. a man notes down four jobs for himself to select amongst and thinks which could be fifth one. Sai hears that and says there is no 5th process, so he can not consider it guy yells not to hassle him, who is he. A passerby asks if he does now not realize Sai. guy apologizes Sai and tells his ordeal that he he desires to soak up a job and is pressured which one to pick out as his father and grandfather could not earn greater than they want from their job. Sai shows him to pick out the activity he would love to do. guy asks what does he suggest. Sai indicates some production workers and one satisfied amongst them. guy questions them. One says he’s constructing wall, some other says constructing house. satisfied man says he is building residence and a sturdy wall will protect the house. Contractor comes and asks people to taketheir labor as he goes out inside the evening. everybody receive their hard work. when glad man goes, contractor says owner is very glad together with his paintings and has made him a manager. Sai suggests this to guy and says his love for his activity will be triumphant him. guy thanks Sai for giving him moral gyaan.

In college, Srikanth pronounces lunch break and eats stale jalebis and even packs them home. Govinda watches him carefully and smirks questioning he will fall unwell and could now not come to highschool the following day. After college, Srikanth walks on avenue and sees an vintage couple strolling with superb issue and dropping their suitcase, he rushes to them, however earlier than that Sai holds suitcase. He asks antique couple wherein they want to head. they are saying they may be coming from holi pilgrimage. He take their baggage and says he’s going to drop them domestic. Sai asks if he needs help. He says no and taking suitcase from Sai walks alongside vintage couple. Sai smiles.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai episode update: Sreekanth gets excessive stomachache and pleads for assist. Sai walks into his residence.


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