Mere Sai 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai informs Sadashiv that his bitter words is making Sunanda sick and he’s doing identical mistake which his father did along with his mother, his father constantly blamed his mother for no longer doing her work well. Sadashiv says Sai does no longer have rights to speak about his parents and says his father become proper. He insists Sai to return his toy and holds it.. Sai indicates him his youth incident in which his mom presents him toy he desired and he going out to show his toy to his friend. His father enters and scolds mom for losing money on toy as he’s saving money for Kashi pilgrimage. mom says Sadashiv by no means asks anything and he wanted a toy. Father yells he’ll get moksha if he’s taking shower in kashi and he’ll not allow all of us smash is dream. mother’s circumstance deteriorates supporting father in his pooja and she or he falls significantly sick. Vaidya assessments her and informs father that she needs to be handled in a health center and could want quite a few money. Father thinks his spouse will heal on her personal and he’s going to no longer spend his Kashi pilgrimage savings. mom passes away. child Sadashiv cries dropping his mother. His father consoles him and earlier than doing in his formative years his father asks Sadashiv to immerse his ashes in Kashi for his and Sadashiv’s moksha.

Sadashiv cries that his mom needed to suffer so much due to his father’s adamancy and his father in no way instructed him fact. Sai says it was not his mistake, but he is repeating the equal mistake his father did and his wife’s condition is deteriorating each day because of his name callings, he introduced her to Shirdi to alternate climate and collect a few money for Kashi pilgrimage, buth er situation deteriorated greater; what is the usage of moksha if it takes expensive ones faraway from him. He describes how he blamed Sunanda for his errors and even Yamuna felt horrific seeing his rude behavior toward Sunanda. He then describes shlokas and Sadashiv describes its which means that a fruitful tree and student always are humble and dry tree and fools continually don’t bend. He continues his ethical gyaan..

Precap: Sadashiv says Sai that he had promised his father to immerse his ashes in Kashi, how will he fulfill his promise. Sai pours water on ground and Sadashiv imagines being in Kashi.


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