Mere Sai 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai takes Balram to Thakur’s workshop. Thakur angrily shouts at Balram to get out. Balram says he did not mean to harm Thakur ji. Sai suggests Thakur to let Balram correct his mistake and asks Balram to nurse Thakur’s wound with ash/oodi. Balram does same and apologizes Thakur for hurting him and says he did it in anger and he loses control when he is angry. Sai suggests him to forget his past and concentrate of work and taking care of family. Balram says he does not like anyone lecturing him morales just because he is elder son. Sai says even if he was younger son, he had to support his family. Blram continues arguing and Sai continues answering him and says he will take him to someone who will answer his questions. Balram agrees and follows him. Sai takes him to a farm land where a man is cutting tree log and asks if he sees something else here. Balram says no. Sai repeats. Balram thinks Sai is trapping him again in his words. Sai asks what if this earth stops helping people. Balram says people will face problems for a few days and then will adjust. Earth shakes and cracks. Sai asks Balram to hold his hand. At home, Balram’s mother prays god to give Balram good conscience as everyone are trying to help him, but he is getting more arrogant and irresponsible. Pari says she need not worry as Balram has gone with Sai and Sai guides everyone. Shubhangi says Pari is right, Sai guided even her when she was too harsh on Pari. Trees fall, rodents come out of cracks, man falls into earth hole, etc. Sai extends his hand, and Balram holds it. Sai asks him to relax and see things are back to normal.

Balram asks what was it. Sai says when earth stopped its responsibility for a minute, everything around shattered, similarly if he does not take his responsibility, his family would be in deep trouble. Balram says his mother is earning well and there is no problem for his sister. Sai holds his hand again and shows how his mother works with great difficulty and his sisters go to school and study whole day, he says when they are doing their duty, even he should do his duty as he is pillar of his family. Balram reminisces his father explaining him significance of legs of a chair and says he speaks like his father, says he realized responsibility and wants to work hard, will Thakur kaka take him back to work. Sai says he can try.

Balram returns to Thakur’s workshop and sees customer scolding Thakur for not repairing is cot on time and demands to repair it within 2 hours. Thakur says he can give it by evening. Balram says his cot will be ready in 2 hours and apologizes him him that Thakur could not keep his promise because of him and even got injured by him. Once customer leaves, he apologizes Thakur for promising customer without his consent and requests to let him keep his promise. Thakur permits him. He repairs cot within 2 hours. Thakur gets happy seeing that. Sai walks in and asks how is work going on. Thakur says Balram is really a talented carpenter and fixed bed within 2 hours. Sai tells Balram that sometimes root of problem will be something else and shows termite infiltration into wood. Customer comes and asks if cot is ready. Thakur says Balram fixed it on time, but it is infiltrated with termites. Customer says he will return cot after guests leave and walks away with cot. Thakur happily pays Balram’s wages. Balram says he cannot take whole day’s wages for 2 hours’ work. Thakur says he finished whole day’s work in 2 hours, so he deserves it. Sai signals Balram to keep it and tells Balram will not work here from tomorrow as he had come here to understand his responsibility, he will carry on his father’s lineage. Balram asks Thakur if he can take a few wooden logs instead of money. Thakur happily agrees. Balram carries wooden log and walks away with Sai happily.

Precap: A man asks Balram if he is Vittal Rao’s son, his father was very talented and had carved a beautiful bed. Balram angrily pokes knife into wood. Sai senses his anger sitting in Dwarkamayi.


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