Mere Sai 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

New grown up characters are introduced with grown up Udhav, Govinda, Pari, Tatya, etc. Udhav’s father and Srikanth send them to get flowers to decorate Dwarkamayi. Pari draws beautiful picture of devimaa. Tatya’s son Bajirao praises her painting. Srikanth asks where is Sai. An old Sai enters and hands over his bag to his disciple and then sits with a pillar support. Bajirao greets him. Tatya walks towards tulsi and tries to light lamp. Mhalsapati stops him and says only Sai lights name near tulsi. Sai asks him not to scold Tatya in front of his wife and son. Mhalsapati says he scolded him as elder. Sai says he knows they are kid for us, but we have to realize they are grown up now; he went to get charity and returned tired, Tatya seeing no oil in lamp and his tiredness just tried to help him. Tatya smiles.

Keshav enters and helps Tatya light lamp. Tatya says Keshav was to come yesterday from Ahmednagar. Keshav says he came yesterday and was helping maa in decorating house for navratri, he is happy seeing Dwarkamayi’s decoration and is sad that he could not help. Jhipri says still some work is left and he can do that. Mhalsapati, Patil, and others praise Dwarkamayi’s navratri celebration and people attending it from far away village. Baizaa maa says people come to watch Sai. She then gets sad. Sai asks reason. She says still ghat/mud pots are not delivered by Namu potter and she is very much worried. Sai asks Keshav to bring oodhi/ash.

Namu’s wife Bhringi enters worried. Baizaa maa identifying her asks her reason for worries. Bhringi informs that Namu severely injured his hand and is unable to mould pots. People asks how will they celebrate navratri without pot now. Bhringi says Namu sent her to get oodhi from Sai as he believes it will heal his injury, though she has seen from childhood that vaidya treats illnesses. Sai asks Keshav again to bring oodhi and asks Bhringi to mix it in water and apply paste on Namu’s injury. Bhringi walks away thinking how will this ash heal her husband’s wound and hopes her husband’s trust on Sai comes true. Baizamaa tells they need to make food arrangements for guest and how will they get so much money. Kulkarni walks in and says he will make arrangements. Everyone get tensed seeing him.

Namu showing his injury tells his friend that he cannot mould pot with his injured hand. Friend says people will stop trusting him. Namu says he has sent his wife to bring oodhi from Sai and will get well by morning to mould pots tomorrow. Wife returns and he asks if she brought oodhi. She says yes and applies its paste on Namu’s wound.

Precap: A man comes to help Namu in moulding pots. Namu imagines Sai in man


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