Mere Sai 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai asks his disciples not to worry as everything will be alright soon. Jhipri asks Sai does he mean and what is he going to do. Sai smiles and starts grinding wheat. Kulkarni gets worries seeing Keshav’s condition worsening and thinks what he should do. Disciples eagerly watch what Sai is doing. Sai asks them to pick whole wheat flour in their utensils. Baizaa maa says she cannot believe these are the people who were against him till yesterday. Sai says they were against situation and not him, they are helping him solve the biggest problem they are facing, he asks everyone to follow him.

Keshav stops breathing. Kulkarni panics and tries CPR on him and cries that he cannot let him die. He chants holy mantras. Rukmini knocks door and pleads to open the door and let her meet her son.

Kulkarni blames her for Keshav’s condition and says if she had not let Keshav to do business with Tatya, he wouldn’t have gone to Mumbai and contracted epidemic. Parvati prays Sai to treat her son. Sai walks with all his disciples near Shirdi’s blocked entrance where epidemic hit patients are. British officers get tensed seeing them. Ill patients plead Sai for help. Sai asks them to be patient and draws a line on ground with wheat flour. A storm emerges and Kulkarni’s house door and windows open. Rukmini rushes to Keshav and asks him to wake up, she asks Kulkarni why couldnt he treat their. Kulkarni unable to bear stormy air shouts what is happening. Wheat flour falls on all ill patients in Shirdi and even in rehabilitation camp and they are cured miraculously. Even Keshav opens eyes. Kulkarni is amazed to see this magic. Rukmini asks if he is fine now. Kulkarni says as soon as these windows opened, he got well and feels nothing had happened to him, it is definitely Sai’s leela smelling wheat flour in air. Kulkarni gets angry hearing that.

Govinda, Rehana and others tell Sai they got well and feel as if nothing had happened to them. Patients walk towards Sai while British officers try to stop them. Panta and Santa watching all this rush to inform Kulkarni. Sai plays bansuri and breaks all the protective barriers. British officers are shocked to see that.

Precap: Mhalsapati with other disciples sing Mere Sai baba. Sai turns into Sai baba.


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