Mere Sai 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yamuna sees Sunanda tensed and asks if she is considering Sadashiv scolding him and feeling bad. Sunanda says she did no longer experience horrific as Sadashiv is involved for her and scolded her, even she had not ordinary Sai’s divinity in advance and now trusts Sai, even Sadashiv will quickly. Mhalsapati says she is proper, he knows Sadashiv changed into very calm on account that formative years, but now he got very short tempered and smug, what’s the cause. Sunananda thinks how to inform the reality and lies that he can not see everybody doing a slightest mistake in pooja, so he gets indignant without problems. Sadashiv hears their verbal exchange mendacity on mattress. as soon as Sundanda sleeps, Sadashiv picks his father’s ash pot from his cabinet and says his father desired him to be entire like him, however even after he attempts plenty, he makes mistake; as days are passing on, he feels he can’t come to be a complete poojari like his father; why his dad and mom left him on my own. He cries extra retaining a container. Sunanda wakes up hearing him crying and thinks she can not see her husband on this condition and handiest Sai can heal her husband’s intellectual wounds.

Sai hears Sunanda sitting in Dwarkamayi and sees Sadashiv’s adolescence in which his mom items him a field with toy and his father scolds his wife not to wreck kid and tells Sadashiv if he desires to grow to be a entire pandit like him, he must deal with pooja and now not gambling toys. Tears roll down Sai’s cheeks. Bhima walks in and seeing Sai crying asks motive. Sai says his dear one is in ache and needs his assist, asks if he added what he asked. Bhima gives him wooden piece and asks what is going to he do with it. Sai says he will make a toy from it as someone may also need it and asks Bhima if he’s going to do another paintings. Bhima is of the same opinion. Sai explains and as soon as Bhima leaves cares a toy.

Sadashiv wakes up early within the morning and starts offevolved preparing objects for pooja. Sunanda wakes up and asks why didn’t he wake her up, takes tub and rushes returned to him, but Sadashiv flippantly says he finished preparing items already. Sunanda receives involved seeing his calmness. Sadashiv then is going to temple and frivolously does pooja with out scolding aides. Aides are surprised to look his changed behavior. Sunanda tells Yamuna that she is concerned for Sadashiv and wants to searching for Sai’s help. She reaches Dwarkamayi and explaining situation requests to help her husband. Sai asks if she will be able to peel onions. Sunanda thinks she sought help, however Sai desires her to peel onions.

Precap: Sunananda asks Sai that Shivanand will now not take his help, then how will he assist her husband. Sai asks if she can assist him prepare roti laddoos.


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